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4.06.2015. SYRIA (Hasakah) - IS captured the Electrical substation situated 2 km from Hasakah city after a VBIED suicide-attack by Abdullah al Irani. IS have also captured the Panorama CP south of Hasakah City. IS militants have cut off key Tel Brak-Tel Hamis road after taking control of Umm Al-Russ, Baitakh and Rasm Drow villages.

3.06.2015. SYRIA (Idlib) - SAA's "Tiger Forces" in coordination with the 87th Brigade, the National Defense Forces (NDF) and the 45th Regiment of the 1st Armored Division overpowered Jabhat Al-Nusra and Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham militants at Tal Sahhan, Al-Zayadiyah, and Sarareef after a series of firefights at these hills and villages near the city of Jisr Al-Shughour. Jabhat Al-Nusra and Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham have launched a counter-attack at Tal Sahhan and Al-Zayadiyah.
3.06.2015. SYRIA (Qalamoun) - Hezbollah fighters advancing toward Jabal Zaroub, south of Wadi al-Khayl, an area between the Lebanese town of Nahleh, east of Baablek, and the Syrian town of Ras al-Maara in the Qalamoun mountain range.
3.06.2015. SYRIA (Ayn al-Arab countryside) - Early reports (or unconfirmed) indicate that IS Forces have expelled YPG/FSA Forces from at least:Al Qartel,Bir Jahsh,Shasha,Matina,Shawk,Aedaniya,Jalbiya,Abu Heya villages in a counterattack.It is verified that IS has sent 1500 Fresh reinforcements to the areas of North Raqqa West and East.
3.06.2015. SYRIA (Hasakah) - The newly formed Assyrian resistance force “Qawat Al-Hamayeh Al-Jazeeri” (Gozarto Protection Forces) from the city of Al-Qamishli have joined their allies from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), Qawat Al-Sootooro (Assyrian militia), Al-Ba’ath Battalions, and the National Defense Forces (NDF) in defense of the provincial capital from the swarming militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS). Clashes at Al-Dawouidyah, SAA (and allies) recaptured Al-Adhath Central Prison, Asphalt Factory and Rad Shaqra.

2.06.2015. IRAQ (Mosul) - IS attack Mount Bashiqa 20 km north of Mosul, the assault is repelled by Peshmerga's 7th Brigade.
2.06.2015. SYRIA (Daraa) - Liwaa Shuhada Al-Yarmouk and their allies launched their own assault againsta Jabhat al-Nusra at the Al-Lajat area of east Dara’a. Liwaa Shuhada Al-Yarmouk (IS affiliate) captured Al Qusayr from Jabhat al-Nusra.
2.06.2015. SYRIA (Deir Ez Zor) Following the IS initial assault, SAA's counter-assault began at dawn on Tuesday morning, when the SAA’s 137th and 104th Brigades stormed (and captured) the Ghassan ‘Abboud and Sayouf Squares of Deir Ezzor City. A number of clashes were also reported between the Syrian Armed Forces and IS at the Al-Jubeileh, Al-Hamidiyah, Sheikh Yasseen, Al-Husseiniyeh, Al-Kanamat, Al-Sina’a, Al-‘Arfa, Al-Rashadiyah (southeastern perimeter, near the Islamic Center) and the Old Airport Districts of Deir Ezzor City.
2.06.2015. SYRIA (Qalamoun) - Hezbollah repelled a Jabhat al-Nusra attack on a position which lies between Nahla and Arsal barrens.
2.06.2015. SYRIA (Northern Aleppo) - IS takes Dalha, Harjala and al-Wahashiya villages in Aleppo's northern countryside. IS is closing in on JN/FSA held Turkey border crossing "Salameh".
2.06.2015. SYRIA (Hasakah) - Firefights between the Syrian Armed Forces and IS in the villages of Rad Shaqra and Al-Dawoudiyah. Fierce clashes between IS forces and SAA backed by YPG forces near the 123rd regiment HQ on Mount Kawkab, east of Hasakah.
2.06.2015. SYRIA (Idlib) - Syrian Arab Army’s 87th Brigade of the 11th Tank Division in coordination with the Tiger Forces and the 45th Regiment of the 1st Armored Division conducted a special operations mission South-West from Furaykah, where they stormed the hill of Tal Awar and engaged Jabhat Al-Nusra in a three hour firefight that resulted in the Syrian Armed Forces taking control of the hilltop.

1.06.2015. IRAQ (Baiji) - Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) seized control on the main Railway's tunnels in Baiji.
1.06.2015. IRAQ (Anbar) - Clashes between (advancing) ISF and IS in Husaybah east of Ramadi.
1.06.2015. SYRIA (Northern Aleppo) - IS forces have captured Ghezl village, after intense clashes with Rebel forces at the north countryside.
1.06.2015. SYRIA (Daraa) - Violent clashes between Jabhat al- Nusra and some other Islamist factions against Shohadaa al- Yarmouk Brigade continued west of Daraa. Jabhat al- Nusra advances towards al- Allan checkpoint, Sahem al- Golan Dam area and large parts of the town of al- Qsei.
1.06.2015. SYRIA (Hasakah) - Violent clashes between the SAA (and allied militia) against IS on the road to Tal Abyad in southwest of the city of al- Hasakah. Hasakah West: Dikhayliye village was captured by YPG Forces.
1.06.2015. SYRIA (Deir Ez Zor) - The clashes between the SAA and IS renewed in the neighborhood of al- Rashidiyyi in the city of Deir Ezzor. SAA’s 137th Artillery Brigade in coordination with local tribal fighters and the 104th Airborne Brigade repelled IS attack on al-Muri'iyah. Clashes in Al-Jubeileh, Al-Rashadiyah, the Old Airport, Dawar Ghassan ‘Aboud, Sheikh Yasseen, Al-Kanamat, Industrial Zone, and Al-Haweeqah Districts.
1.06.2015 SYRIA (Aleppo) - Clashes between the SAA (baked by NDF and allied militia) against Jabhat al- Nusra Front and the Islamic battalions around the two towns of Nobbol and al- Zahraa.
1.06.2015. SYRIA (Palmyra) - Clashes erupted between IS and SAA southwest of the city of Palmyra (IS attempt to advance towards the two towns of Mahin and al- Qaryatein).
1.06.2015. SYRIA (Latakia) - Clashes erupted between SAA against the JN and Islamic battalions in north eastern part of Latakia.

31.05.2015. SYRIA (Rif Dimashq) - Clashes are taking place between the SAA (and allied militia) against the rebel and Islamic battalions around the town of Zibdin in the Eastern Ghouta.
31.05.2015. SYRIA (Hasakah) - Clashes are still taking place between YPG and IS southwest of the city of Ras al- Ayn (Sari Kanyeh) near the administrative boundaries with al- Raqqa, where YPG, backed by the international coalition’s airstrikes, advanced and took at least 4 villages and farms.
31.05.2015. SYRIA (Ayn Al Arab) - Clashes are still taking place between YPG (backed by rebel battalions) and IS southeast of the city of Ayn al- Arab (Kobani) inside the administrative boundaries of the city of al- Raqqa, where YPG and allied militiamen advanced and took control over at least 8 villages and farms in the area.
31.05.2015. SYRIA (Quneitra) - Clashes between the SAA (and allied militia) against JN in the area located between the two towns of Jbata al- Khashab and al- Hadar on the administrative boundaries of Rif Dimashq with al-Quneitra.
31.05.2015. SYRIA (Damascus) - Clashes renewed between the SAA (and allied militia) against the JN and Islamic battalions around the neighborhood of al- Qaboun.
31.05.2015. SYRIA (North Aleppo) - IS capture: Tawqli,Sawraan,Al-Bel village,Umm Hawsh, Umm Al Qura,Al Hasiyya,Gharnata and Qaramel.

30.05.2015. SYRIA (Rif Dimashq) - Clashes between Hezbollah (backed by the regime forces and NDF) against the Nusra Front and their allies renewed in Jrud al-Qalamoun.
30.05.2015. SYRIA (Al Hasakah) - Clashes between SAA and IS at Al-Dawoudiyah, Abyad and Rad Shaqrah villages.
30.05.2015. SYRIA (Deir Ez Zor) - The Syrian Arab Army’s 137th Brigade of the 17th Reserve Division had captured the village of Al-Muri’iyah after counter-attack from Air Base.

29.05.2015. SYRIA (Aleppo) - IS took control on al-Tawghali village near Soran Azaz in the northern eastern countryside of Aleppo.
29.05.2015. SYRIA (Aleppo) - IS began their assault against Jabhat Al-Nusra, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham at the town of Sawran with a barrage of mortar shells and rockets; this was followed by an attack on the town’s eastern perimeter, along with a powerful assault on the northern Aleppo city of Mar’e, where the militant group attempted to infiltrate Liwaa Al-Tawheed’s frontline defenses from their positions at Tal Malad.
29.05.2015. SYRIA (Aleppo) - Jabhat Al-Nusra has issued a declaration of war against the predominately Kurdish “People’s Protection Units” (YPG) after a series of clashes on Thursday that resulted in the latter taking control of the Nibu Al-Maltah Hill that overlooks the JN controlled Al-Jandoul Roundabout in the provincial capital of Aleppo.
29.05.2015. SYRIA (Aleppo) - Clashes between IS and JN near Soran Azaz town in the north-eastern countryside of Aleppo.
29.05.2015. SYRIA (Hasakah) - Clashes between YPG and IS in Ras al-Ein countryside.
29.05.2015. SYRIA (Palmyra) - IS attack on T4 Air Base has been repelled. SAA’s “Liwaa Suqour Al-Sahra” (Desert Hawks Brigade) continued their offensive at Jazal.
29.05.2015. SYRIA (Homs) - Clashes between SAA and Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) at the villages of Khanafees and Al-Baridah in the eastern part of the Homs Governorate. Firefights were also reported between the Syrian Armed Forces and IS at the villages of Al-Salihiyah, Al-Shamiliyah, Jubb Al-Jarrah, and the Al-Qalibiyah in eastern Homs.
29.05.2015. SYRIA (Qalamoun) - Jabhat Al-Nusra and their affiliates last supply route into the Rif Dimashq Governorate from Lebanon (located at the Al-Zabadani-Nahleh border-crossing) is currently being contested by the SAA’s 41st Brigade of the 4th Mechanized Division and the 103th Brigade of the Republican Guard. If the Syrian Armed Forces take complete control over the Qalamoun Mountains and Al-Zabdani, they will have effectively freed up 7,700 soldiers, two tank brigades, and elite forces from the SAA’s 4th Mechanized Division and the Republican Guard to deploy elsewhere.

28.05.2015. SYRIA (Aleppo) - Jabhat Al-Nusra and YPG Clash in Sheikh Maqsoud.
28.05.2015. SYRIA (Idlib) - Syrian Army Withdraws from Ariha and Kafr Najd.
28.05.2015. SYRIA(Deir Ez Zor) - Clashes renewed between the SAA and IS around the airbase of Deir Ezzor and in the neighborhood of al-Sina’ah.
28.05.2015. SYRIA (Hasakah) - Clashes between YPD and IS in the countryside of Ayn al- Arab (Kobani).
28.05.2015. SYRIA (Aleppo) - Clashes between SAA and FSA/JN renewed in Old Aleppo and around Khan Touman Hill.
28.05.2015. SYRIA (Hama) - Following the fierce clashes that lasted over four hours at the Abu Al-Dhuhour Military Airport’s western perimeter, Jabhat Al-Nusra and Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham retreated west towards the village of Abu Al-Dhuhour.
28.05.2015. SYRIA (Hama) - West of Jabal Al-Sha’ar, IS continued their offensive at the villages of Al-Sultaniyah, Hosh Al-Zibadi, Al-Mushayrafa Al-Shamliyah, and Al-Salihiyah, where they attempted to take control of the Syrian Armed Forces’ remaining positions on the border of the Hama Governorate; however, the latter was successful in repelling the militant advance at these areas. IS still on the offensive at three different points in the eastern part of the Homs Governorate: Qurateen (southern flank), Al-Farqalas (central flank), and Al-Salihiyah (northern flank).

27.05.2015. ISRAEL/GAZA - Israeli warplanes carried out raids on the Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza Strip, on Rafah in the south, Khan Younis and on Beit Lahia.
27.05.2015. YEMEN - Yemeni forces fired as many as 40 rockets at a Saudi military base in the area of al-Tuwal in the Jizan region of southwestern Saudi Arabia. Yemeni forces also targeted the Saudi military bases of Jabal al-Dukhan, MBC, Jabal al-Dood , al-Radif and a number of other bases in the area of Jizan.
27.05.2015. YEMEN - Saudi fighter jets pounded the Yemeni provinces of Aden, Sana’a, Hajjah, Ibb, and al-Hudaydah early on Wednesday.
27.05.2015. SYRIA (Hasakah) - Fierce clashes are continuing at Mabroukah area between IS and YPG forces.
27.05.2015. SYRIA (Homs) - Syrian Arab Army’s 18th Tank Battalion in coordination with the National Defense Forces (NDF) and Liwaa Suqour Al-Sahra (Desert Hawks Brigade) take complete control of Jabal Al-Sha’ar (Poet Mountains) and the gas wells situated across this mountainous terrain in east Homs.
27.05.2015. SYRIA (Palmyra) - Syrian Arab Army’s 550th Brigade launched a counter-assault at the Asphalt Factory near the city of Palmyra.
27.05.2015. SYRIA (Palmyra) - IS capture the village of Al-Muqassem after fierce clashes with the SAA in the vicinity of the ancient city of Palmyra.

26.05.2015. YEMEN - Pro-government fighters managed to capture the city of Dhale and also the command center of the 33rd Armored Brigade.
26.05.2015. IRAQ (Anbar) - Hashd al-Sha'abi troops patrolling the town of Khalidiya after securing it from IS. -
26.05.2015. IRAQ - Clashes in Baiji refinery.
26.05.2015. YEMEN/SAUDI ARABIA - Ansarullah fighters and forces of the popular committees recaptured the base in the al-Makhrouq region of the southwestern Saudi province of Najran during an operation late Monday. -
26.05.2015. YEMEN/SAUDI ARABIA - Houthi SCUD missile attack on Khamis Mushayt airbase inside Saudi Arabia. -
26.05.2015. YEMEN/SAUDI ARABIA - Media reports of Houthis capturing dozens of US-made M-1 A-1 Abrams tanks and modern weapons from the fleeing Saudi army. This is in addition to 130 Saudi troops taken hostage by the Houthis in the last 2 days of intense fighting inside Saudi territory.
26.05.2015. YEMEN/SAUDI ARABIA - Houthi attack Hay Al Fahd military base in Najran.
26.05.2015. SYRIA (Aleppo) - Jabhat Al-Nusra in coordination with Jaysh Al-Mujahiddeen and Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham launched a surprise attack on the National Defense Forces (NDF) and the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) frontline defenses at the town of Al-Rashadiyah, capturing western side of the town. The (reinforced) Syrian Armed Forces counter-assault proved successful, as they reestablished control over all defensive points in Al-Rashadiyah. Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham attack at the town of Sheikh Mohammad was repelled.
26.05.2015. SYRIA (Qalamoun) - SAA's 4th Mechanized Division carried out a fierce assault on Jabhat Al-Nusra, Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham and Liwaa Suqour Al-Zabadani at Qa’alat Al-Zabadani located in the Eastern Mountains.
26.05.2015. SYRIA (Palmyra) - West of the ancient city of Palmyra, IS attacked the National Defense Forces at Al-Qurayteen and Al-Farqalas.

25.05.2015. SYRIA (Deir Ez Zor) - Clashes between SAA (SAA’s 104th Airborne Brigade in coordination with the SAA’s 137th Brigade of the 17th Division) and IS in Jafra and Mari'iyah.
25.05.2015. SYRIA (Qalamoun) - Hezbollah in coordination with the Syrian Arab Army’s 20th and 128th Brigades of the 1st Armored Division clashed with Jabhat Al-Nusra at the mountaintop of Tal Thaljah. The mountain top is now under Hezbollah control.
25.05.2015. SYRIA (Palmyra) - SAA’s 18th Tank Battalion is under attack at the Palmyra Ruins and the Palmyra Aqueduct.
25.05.2015. SYRIA (Aleppo) - At the Sheikh Najjar Industrial District in east Aleppo, IS resumed their assault on the eastern outskirts of this area; however, the SAA and NDF at this district were able to repel the swarming IS fighters and maintain full control over the 3rd Sector.
25.05.2015. SYRIA (Aleppo) - Syrian Arab Army (SAA) – in coordination with the National Defense Forces (NDF), Liwaa Al-Quds (Jerusalem Brigades), and the Al-Ba’ath Battalion – launched a powerful assault on the militants from Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham at the Al-Ramouseh and Sheikh Sa’eed Districts in southern Aleppo. In addition to their capture of Jabal Sheikh Sa’eed, the Syrian Armed Forces recaptured the Great Prophet Mosque on the outskirts of the Al-Zahra Association Quarter of western Aleppo. Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham, Jund Al-Aqsa and Jabhat Al-Nusra stormed the villages of Bashkoy and Duwayr Al-Zeitoun in northern Aleppo, where they attempted to break-through their frontline defenses and take control of these strategic areas; however, the assault by the militant groups was repelled by the Syrian Armed Forces.

24.05.2015. SYRIA (Palmyra) - Clashes between IS and SAA near Jazal Gas Fields area (30km west of Palmyra).
24.05.2015. YEMEN - Clashes continue in Aden. Houthis stationed on the Soulaban Mountain shelled the resistance after they tried to advance on the road linking the Mansoura and Khour Maksar districts.
24.05.2015. SYRIA (Latakia) - Clashes between Islamic battalions and SAA in the village of al-Sirmaniyah.
24.05.2015. YEMEN - A coalition (Saudi) Fighter jet (Type:F-15C Eagle, Serial:501, Unit: 5th Squadron) has been shot down above Bani Hareth, Sanaa.
24.05.2015. YEMEN - Coalition airstrikes continue.
24.05.2015. SYRIA (Al Hasakah) - Syrian Armed Forces overwhelm IS at Tal Baroud and Mafraq.

23.05.2015. IRAQ - Iraqi army forces have managed to bring under their control the city of Khalidiya in the western province of Anbar.
23.05.2015. IRAQ - A spokesman for the Iraqi military confirmed the full retaking of the Baiji refinery.
23.05.2015. SYRIA (Aleppo) - IS saying they withdrew from Muqbalah near Sheikh Najjar (which they captured a few days ago) as SAA attack them.

22.05.2015. SYRIA (Jisr Al Shughour) - Jabhat Al-Nusra and their allies from Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham and Ajnad Al-Sham are now in full control of the Jisr Al-Shughour National Hospital after soldiers from the Syrian Arab Army’s 87th Brigade of the 11th Tank Division escaped from the medical facility.
22.05.2015. LIBIYA - Gadhafi’s home town Sirte falls to IS in anarchic Libya.
22.05.2015. YEMEN - 5 Saudi strikes in Dhamar millitary base.
22.05.2015. YEMEN - 70 Houthi rockets & missiles bombard Saudi's Thahran province.
22.05.2015. YEMEN - Saudi airstrikes in Yemen capital Sanaa. Target: Attan Military Depot.

21.05.2015. SYRIA (Al Hasakah) - YPG (backed by al- Khabour Guards Forces, al- Sanadid army and the Syriac Military Council) took control over two Assyrian villages of Tal Shamira and Tal Nasri.
21.05.2015. SYRIA - IS captures Al Tanf border crossing between Syria and Iraq.
21.05.2015. YEMEN - SAUDI CITIES under threat... Houthis send missile launchers close to Saudi border after Houthi leader's speech.
21.05.2015. YEMEN - Houthis attack inside Saudi territory a military convoy in border district of Alb.
21.05.2015. YEMEN - Saudi led airstrikes continue.
21.05.2015. SYRIA (Aleppo) - Clashes between al Nusra Front, Ansra al Din Front, the rebel and Islamic battalions against the SAA supported by NDF, al Quds al Filastini Brigade, Hezbollah and Shia fighters from Iran and Afghanistan in the vicinity Bashkoy and Deir al- Zaytoun villages in north of Aleppo. Other clashes are between the SAA and IS militants around the airbase of Kwayres.
21.05.2015. SYRIA (Al Hasakah) - YPG backed by al- Khabour Guards Forces, al- Sanadid army and the Syriac Military Council seized the village of Aghaybesh that is adjacent to the town of Tal Tamer and located on al-Qameshli - Aleppo road after violent clashes with IS.
21.05.2015. SYRIA (As-Suweida) - Syrian Arab Army’s 5th Armored Division – in conjunction with the National Defense Forces (NDF) and Jaysh Al-Muwahiddeen (Durzi Army) captured the village of Al-Qasr.
21.05.2015. SYRIA (Palmyra) - IS has captured Palmyra.

20.05.2015. SYRIA (Al Hasakah) - YPG (backed by al- Khabour Guards Forces, al- Sanadid army and the Syriac Military Council) catured wide areas in Abdul Aziz Mountain located south of the town of Tal Tamer after violent clashes with IS. Intensive airstrikes carried out by the International Coalition’s aircrafts on the area during the clashes.
20.05.2015. SYRIA (Al Hasakah) - Al-Shoulah and Al-Qahirah captured by YPG. SAA capture (at the eastern perimeter of the Abdel-‘Aziz Mountains) the village of Qabr Shamiyah.
20.05.2015. SYRIA (Idlib) - FSA/JN attack Kafr Najd town near Ariha.
20.05.2015. IRAQ (Ramadi) - IS forces has captured Malab Al Jadeed (New Stadium) near 8th brigade HQ, west of the city of Ramadi.
20.05.2015. SYRIA (Qalamoun) - Hezbollah carried out a lone assault on Jabhat Al-Nusra at Qurnah Al-Taweel, Qurnah Al-Mesh, and ‘Aqabah Al-Fassikh; this resulted in the capture of these hills located at the village of Faleeta in the Qalamoun Mountains. Firefights are still ongoing between Hezbollah and Jabhat Al-Nusra in southern Faleeta.
20.05.2015. SYRIA (Qalamoun) - The Syrian Arab Army’s 20th Brigade of the 1st Armored Division in coordination with Hezbollah and the National Defense Forces (NDF) has taken complete control of Jabal Shameesah located in the western part of the Qalamoun Mountains.
20.05.2015. LEBANON (Arsal) - Clashes have erupted in the Arsal area between IS and JN.
20.05.2015. YEMEN (Lahij) - Houthi Ansarullah movement have managed to expel al-Qaeda affiliated militants from the al-Houta district.
20.05.2015. YEMEN (Taiz) - The overnight battles erupted in Hawd al-Ashraf and Barid al-Aam districts of the Taiz province between Houthis (supported by forces loyal to Ali Abdullah Saleh) and forces loyal to Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi.
20.05.2015. SYRIA (Al Hasakah) - Clashes between YPG (backed by al- Khabour Guards Forces, al- Sanadid army and the Syriac Military Council) and IS in villages south of the town of Tal Tamer.
20.05.2015. SYRIA (Rif Dimashq) - Clashes took place between SAA and Islamic battalions near Alia farms, Hosh al-Fara in the eastern Ghouta.
20.05.2015. SYRIA (Idlib) - Al- Fateh Army, which consists of Jabhat al- Nusra, Jund al- Aqsa, al- Sham Legion, Ahrar al- Sham Movement, Ajnad al- Sham, Jaysh al- Sunnah and al- Haq Brigade, has seized the village of Nihlaya located near the village of al- Moqbilah in south of al- Mastoumi camp.
20.05.2015. SYRIA (Palmyra) - IS began their assault on the SAA’s 18th Battalion at Al-‘Amuriyah, where they were able to successfully infiltrate past the latter’s defenses after a series of fierce clashes around the northern perimeter of the village. The fighting in the village is still raging. Other IS contingent stormed the western perimeter of the Palmyra National Hospital on Wednesday morning; however, a field source from eastern Homs has reported that the militant assault on the SAA’s positions at this large medical facility has been repelled, thanks to the aerial bombardments from the Syrian Arab Air Force (SAAF).

19.05.2015. YEMEN (Taiz) - Houthis (supported by forces loyal to Ali Abdullah Saleh) made major advances against al-Qaeda and militiamen from the al-Islah in Jabal al-Arus on the outskirts of Taiz.
19.05.2015. SYRIA (al-Suwayda) - IS attack the village of al-Haqef (northeast of the city of al-Suwayda).
19.05.2015. SYRIA (Idlib) - Syrian Armed Forces withdrew all the soldiers from the Al-Mastoumah Camp after Jabhat Al-Nusra and Jund Al-Aqsa stormed the area.
19.05.2015. YEMEN - Saudi led airstrikes on capital Sanaa targeting Attan and Nuqom military depots and Aden. Fierce border confrontation between Houthi fighters and Saudi military. Battles in Aden, Dhale and other cities.
19.05.2015. SYRIA (Qalamoun) - Hezbollah in coordination with the 20th and 128th Brigades of the SAA's 1st Armored Division overwhelmed JN at the Faleeta Barrens. After that Hezbollah and the Syrian Armed Forces pushed their way to the Jaroud Faleeta-Jaroud ‘Arsaal border-crossing that Jabhat Al-Nusra captured last week; this resulted in the Lebanese Resistance and their allies imposing their will on the enemy combatants before taking complete control of this last border-crossing that the JN possessed in the Qalamoun Mountains.
19.05.2015. SYRIA (Deir Ez Zor) - The SAA’s 104th Brigade countered the IS at the village of Al-Muri’iyah, where they were able to reverse most of the latter’s gains that were achieved during their offensive last week in this area located near the Deir Ezzor Military Airport.
19.05.2015. SYRIA (Deir Ez Zor) - SAA achieved a breakthrough at Sakr Island, capturing almost the entire area from the IS; the 104th Airborne Brigade have complete fire-control over the island.
19.05.2015. SYRIA (Palmyra) - In addition to their capture of Al-‘Amuriyah, the SAA’s 18th Tank Battalion and their allies secured all of the axes on the perimeter of Palmyra, including the ancient aqueducts and dam at the western axis, the Palmyra Castle (Qa’lat Tadmur) at the northwestern axis, the Palmyra Ruins at the southern axis, and the officer’s barracks at the northern axis.
19.05.2015. SYRIA (Palmyra) - IS captured the T-3 Pumping Station and the Al-Hayl Gas Fields after fierce firefights with the Syrian Arab Army’s 18th Tank Battalion and National Defense Forces (NDF) on the Al-Sakhanah-Deir Ezzor Highway in the eastern part of the Homs Governorate.
19.05.2015. Syria (Idlib) - Southeast of Al-Mastoumah, the SAA’s 87th Brigade countered the militants from Jaysh Al-Fateh at Muqablah, where they broke-through the enemy combatants frontline defenses and recaptured the western axis of this village near the Syrian Government stronghold of Ariha.
19.05.2015. Syria (Idlib) - At the town of Al-Mastoumah located south of Idlib City, the NDF and SAA were able to recapture the Primary School and the southern perimeter of Tal Al-Mastouma after 24 straight hours of intense clashes with the Jabhat Al-Nusra and Jund Al-Aqsa.
19.05.2015. Syria (Jisr Al Shughour) - 87th Brigade and their allies stormed the southern axis of Kufayr, where they are currently engaged in a fierce firefight with Jabhat Al-Nusra and Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham for control of this town.

18.05.2015. SYRIA (Al-Hasakah) - Burkan Firat (YPG/FSA) captured Shash, Khirbat Naht ,Abu Hayyah village and 3 other villages.
18.05.2015. SYRIA (Idlib) - Clashes in Al Mastoumah.
18.05.2015. SYRIA (Jisr Al-Shughour) - The Syrian Arab Army’s 87th Brigade of the 11th Tank Division attacked the town of Kufayr.

17.05.2015. SYRIA (Palmyra) - IS has switched their focus to the T-3 Pumping Station and the Al-Hayl Gas Field, taking control of these sites located 20km east of the ancient city of Palmyra; however, the Syrian Armed Forces have mounted a counter-assault in conjunction with the Syrian Arab Air Force (SAAF) to recapture these sites in the vast deserts of east Homs.
17.05.2015. SYRIA (Palmyra) - According to a military source in Jabal Al-Sha’ar, the Syrian Armed Forces have complete control of Palmyra, including all of the points around the city.
17.05.2015. SYRIA (Idlib) - Jabhat Al-Nusra in coordination with Jund Al-Aqsa and Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham captured Al Mastoumah hill.
17.05.2015. SYRIA (Qalamoun) - Syrian Arab Army’s 128th and 20th Brigades from the 1st Armored Division in coordination with the National Defense Forces (NDF) stormed a number sites near the town of Ras Al-Marra, where they took complete control of Tal Thalajah and Tal Al-Minkel after engaging Jabhat Al-Nusra in a series of fierce firefights at these hills on the Lebanese border of the Qalamoun Mountains.
17.05.2015. SYRIA (Al-Hasakah) - The clashes between YPG, backed by al- Khabour Guards Forces and the Syriac Military Council, and IS fighters in countryside of al-Hasakah City and Tal Tamer, information reported advancement for YPG and seizing parts of Tal Hormoz area.
17.05.2015. SYRIA (Deir Ez Zor) - The Republican Guard (104th Brigade) in coordination with the 137th Brigade of the 17th Division and the National Defense Forces (NDF) stormed the eastern sector of the Industrial District (Al-Sina’a) and are in full control of this area. Clashes on Saker Island. 104th Brigade was able to recapture some of the docks that were situated at the eastern bank of Sakr Island, along with a collection of farms near Central Park.IS attempted to breach the Deir Ezzor Military Airport for the fifth time this week, launching a fierce assault on the SAA’s eastern defensive barrier; however, the attack on the airport was repelled.
17.05.2015. SYRIA (Palmyra) - SAA’s 18th Battalion in coordination with the National Defense Forces (NDF) and Liwaa Suqour Al-Sahra (Desert Falcons Brigade) launched a counter-assault on IS at Mount Qassoun located east of the city, resulting in the recapture of the strategic Radio and Television Communication Hill, along with the Palmyra Castle.

16.05.2015. SYRIA (Palmyra) - IS took control of al-Heikal field.
16.05.2015. SYRIA (Qalamoun) - Jabhat Al-Nusra launched a counter-offensive at the southern perimeter of Ras Al-Marra, where they pushed back the National Defense Forces from the Lebanese border-crossing to the strategic hill of Tal Al-Moussa, which overlooks Jaroud ‘Arsal. Attack on Tal Al-Moussa was repelled. Hezbollah responded with a powerful assault of their own to counter the Jabhat Al-Nusra attack at Tal Al-Moussa.
16.05.2015. NIGERIA - Boko Haram Islamists have recaptured the strategic town of Marte in northeastern Nigeria's restive Borno state.
16.05.2015. SYRIA (Qalamoun) - Clashes between Hezbollah supported by SAA and JN NE from Tallit Moussa and on the outskirts of Flita.
16.05.2015. IRAQ (Anbar) - The Iraqi Interior Ministry also said that a major counter-offensive has already begun to push the IS out of Ramadi. It added that reinforcements have been sent to the city.
16.05.2015. IRAQ (Baiji) - Baiji (town) confirmed under IS control. -
16.05.2015. SYRIA (Palmyra) - The field source from Suqour Al-Sahra reported that fierce firefights between the Syrian Armed Forces and the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) took place throughout the night (15/16.05.2015.); specifically, fighting was reported at the outskirts of the Palmyra National Hospital, the Bakheetan Checkpoint, and the Al-Athriyah Castle at Mount Qaysoun. After the intense firefights ended around 6:30 A.M. on Saturday morning, the Syrian Armed Forces were in complete control of Palmyra and the Al-‘Amuriyah District’s housing quarter.
16.05.2015. IRAQ (Anbar) - IS has also taken control of western Anbar town of Jubbah.
16.05.2015. IRAQ (Anbar) - IS fighters have captured and raised black flag over main government compound in the strategic capital of Iraq’s Anbar province - Ramadi. Ramadi under IS control!
16.05.2015. SYRIA (Deir Ez Zor) - 104th Brigade redeployed to Deir Ez Zor. In addition to the fierce clashes at Sakr Island and Deir Ezzor Military Airport, a military source from the 104th Brigade has reported a number of firefights at the Al-Jubeileh, Al-Rashidiyah, Al-‘Arfa, Sheikh Yasseen, Al-Kanamat, and Al-Sina’a Quarters, along with violent fighting at the villages of ‘Ayyash, Al-Muri’iyah, Al-Jafra, and Al-Shoula. SAA reentered the Al-‘Aleesh District in the northern part of the Sakr Island.

15.05.2015. SYRIA (Palmyra) - Clashes in Al-‘Amuriyah Housing District and South of Air Base. Northeast of Palmyra, the SAA’s 18th Tank Battalion in coordination with the National Defense Forces (NDF) continued their counter-offensive towards the outskirts of Al-Sikhanah.
15.05.2015. Iraq (Ramadi) - Fierce battles all over Ramadi!! East :IS forces captured 2 barracks of ISF in the area of Al bu Hayees in Ramadi. IS forces have captured Al bu Alwaan, the biggest stronghold of forces of Sahwaat .Huge this one indeed. IS forces captured bu Al Alwan & district are now heavily shelling the 8th Brigade's HQ. IS forces have entered also the neighborhood of Jamiya in west Ramadi .IS forces have captured Hameem mosque and Raising Takbeerat on loudspeakers in Jamiya district west Ramadi.
15.05.2015. SYRIA (Jisr Al-Shughour) - Following their recapture of the Al-Finar Checkpoint, the SAA’s 87th Brigade and the NDF advanced to Qasr Al-Sa’oudi, where they engaged Jabhat Al-Nusra and Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham in a fierce firefight before they were able to take full control of this castle located in the western part of the Idlib Governorate.
15.05.2015. SYRIA (Jisr Al-Shughour) - At the National Hospital, Jabhat Al-Nusra launched an attack on the SAA’s frontline defenses at the eastern flank of the facility, where they attempted a suicide bombing in front of the building; the vehicle was destroyed before it could reach its destination – the attack was repelled.
15.05.2015. SYRIA (Jisr Al-Shughour) - Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham retake Kufayr.
15.05.2015. SYRIA (Qalamoun) - Hezbollah in control of the Jaroud ‘Arsal-Ras Al-Marry border crossing.
15.05.2015. SYRIA (Plamyra) - IS is positioned 1 km outside of Al-‘Amariyah in northern Palmyra, they also are in full control of Al-Sikhaneh, the SAA remains at the outskirts of the village.
15.05.2015. SYRIA (Plamyra) - SAA’s 18th Division and the NDF took full control of the Al-Hayl Gas Field, Al-Thathah, Al-Fawl Al-Mujawar Al-Hawa, and Al-Sina’a.
15.05.2015. SYRIA (Plamyra) - The SAA’s 18th Tank Division – in coordination with the National Defense Forces (NDF) and Al-Ba’ath Battalions – secured the Muktab Al-Dour checkpoint and advanced to the village of Al-Basateen.
15.05.2015. SYRIA (Plamyra) - After a series of clashes at the outskirts of the city, ISIS was unsuccessful in their infiltration attempt to enter Palmyra; this resulted in the SAA’s counter-offensive at Al-‘Amariyah to the north.

14.05.2015. UKRAINE - In the area around Shyrokyne (20km east of Mariupol), the SMM observed a decrease in the intensity of the fighting compared to the previous day; around Donetsk airport (“Donetsk People’s Republic” (“DPR”)-controlled, 11km north-west of Donetsk) the SMM noted that the situation remained tense, with fighting continuing throughout the day, despite attempts made by the Joint Centre for Control and Co-ordination (JCCC) officers to negotiate a localized ceasefire.
14.05.2015. SYRIA (Qalamoun) - Hezbollah completed control of around 6sqkm Dahr al-Hawa hill overlooking Arsal & Yanoun outskirts that was under JN control.
14.05.2015. IRAQ - IS has launched an attack at Haditha.
14.05.2015. IRAQ - North baghdad: IS forces stormed and destroyed the HQ's of Sahwat leader, 'Jasim Mashadani' in Tarmiya Area.
14.05.2015. IRAQ - Jubbah north of Al Baghdadi has fallen to IS.
14.05.2015. IRAQ (Al Anbar) - IS forces have captured the cement factory in Al Karamah eastern Fallujah and all military bases around it.
14.05.2015. SYRIA (Palmyra) - Clashes between IS and the SAA around the city of Palmyra after IS advancement and seizing the town of Al-Sikhaneh.

13.05.2015. UKRAINE - Fighting around Donetsk and Shyrokyne.
13.05.2015. SYRIA (Al Hasakah) - SAA and their allies took control of Rafraf and Mufraq Al-Sadeeq in the Al-Hasakah District on 12.05.2015.
13.05.2015. SYRIA (Jisr Al-Shughour) - Syrian Arab Army’s 87th Brigade of the 11th Tank Division took complete control of Al-Kufayr.
13.05.2015. SYRIA (Qalamoun) - Hezbollah has succeeded in capturing the mountain top of Tal Al-Moussa in the Qalamoun Mountains after engaging Jabhat Al-Nusra in a fierce firefight at this rugged area that is overlooking the Lebanese province of Ba’albak.
13.05.2015. YEMEN - Clashes between the Houthi Ansarullah fighters and forces loyal to Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi in the southern and central provinces of Ta’izz and Ma'rib.
13.05.2015. YEMEN - KSA continued airstrikes although announced ceasefire. Saudi warplanes hit the district of Malahidh in the northwestern Sa’ada Province.
13.05.2015. SYRIA (Qalamoun) - Hezbollah took complete control of Tal Al-‘Alam and Tal Al-Jarafa after clashes with Jabhat Al-Nusra.

12.05.2015. SYRIA - (Qalamoun) - Al-Baarooh Mountain captured by the Syrian Army.
12.05.2015. SYRIA - (Qalamoun) - Hezbollah in coordination with the Syrian Arab Army’s 1st Armored Division and the National Defense Forces (NDF) – carried out assault on Jabhat Al-Nusra at Qurnah Al-Musharawa’, where they captured the hill of Ghali Murtafat.
12.05.2015. SYRIA - (Qalamoun) - Hezbollah and allies advanced to Beit ‘Abdel-Haqq, where they asserted full control over this village controlled by Jabhat Al-Nusra.
12.05.2015. SYRIA (Idlib) - Clashes in Musben (NE of Ariha).
12.05.2015. SYRIA - (Qalamoun) - The Syrian Arab Army’s 1st Armored Division in coordination with Hezbollah and the National Defense Forces (NDF) – has established full control over the border-crossing at Ma’br Al-Kharbah.
12.05.2015. UKRAINE - Clashes in and around the destroyed Donetsk People’s Republic” (“DPR”)-controlled Donetsk airport (8km north-west of Donetsk) and Shyrokyne (20km east of Mariupol).

11.05.2015. SYRIA (Aleppo) - IS clashes with Islamic battalions around Tal Malid village near Mare’ city.
11.05.2015. SYRIA (Aleppo) - Clashes continue between SAA and IS around Kuweyres air base.
11.05.2015. SYRIA (Jisr Al-Shughour) - Clashes continued around the national hospital between SAA backed by Hezbollah against Islamic battalions and Jabhat al-Nusra.
11.05.2015. SYRIA (Aleppo) - Clashes between SAA and the Islamic Battalions in the neighborhood of al- Rashidin.
11.05.2015. SYRIA (Aleppo) - Clashes between IS and the rebels and Islamic battalions around Soran I’zaz area north of Aleppo.
11.05.2015. SYRIA (Aleppo) - Clashes between SAA and the rebel and Islamic battalions on the outskirts of the neighborhood of Bostan al-Qaser.
11.05.2015. SYRIA (Al Hasakah) - Clashes in Tal Brak countryside after an attack by the IS on the area.
11.05.2015. SYRIA (Deir Ez Zor) - Clashes between SAA and IS in Hweja Saker and around the airport.
11.05.2015. SYRIA (Hama) - Clashes between SAA and rebels in Sahel al-Ghab in north west of Hama.
11.05.2015. SYRIA (Homs) - Clashes are taking place between SAA and IS members around the gas-field of Sha’er in east of Homs.
11.05.2015. SYRIA (Hama) - Clashes are taking place between SAA and rebels and Islamic battalions around the power plant in Zayzoun village.
11.05.2015. SYRIA (Qalamoun) - The Syrian Arab Army’s 1st Armored Division – in coordination with the National Defense Forces (NDF) and Hezbollah – has captured Jabeh Mountains (located near the Al-Moussa Hill and the Hezbollah-controlled town of Faleeta) after fierce clashes with Jabhat Al-Nusra.
11.05.2015. SYRIA (Jisr Al Shughour) - Tall Sheikh AL Khataab recaptured by rebels.

10.05.2015. UKRAINE - Ongoing fighting in and around Donetsk airport and Shyrokyne.
10.05.2015. YEMEN (Taiz) - Houthis have been making advancements in the past three days. Fierce fighting was reported by locals on 60 Street, which has been a battle location for more than three days. Popular Resistance were able to regain control over “Al Ekhwa” district and take over Zayed Park.
10.05.2015. SYRIA (Al Hasakah) - Clashes continue between YPG and IS around the western countryside of Tal Tamir on the road into Aleppo, amid advances for YPG in the area.
10.05.2015. SYRIA (Jisr Al Shughour) - SAA Tiger forces overwhelmed the militants from Jabhat Al-Nusra and Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham at Tal Sheikh Al-Khataab, taking control of this hill overlooking parts of the ‘Ayn Al-Souda District at the outskirts of Jisr Al-Shughour.
10.05.2015. SYRIA (Qalamoun) - Hezbollah began their operations on Sunday morning with a fierce assault on Jabhat Al-Nusra’s positions at Mi’rsah Al-Shmaliyah, Tal-Dawrat, Sahel Al-Mi’rsah, and ‘Aqbah ‘Umm Al-Rakab in the western part of the Qalamoun Mountains, where they successfully took control of these small villages near the Lebanese border.
10.05.2015. SYRIA (Qalamoun) - The SAA’s 1st Armored Division carried out a number of attacks on Sunday, capturing the village of Wadi Al-Kinissah from Jabhat Al-Nusra; this village is located between the towns of ‘Assal Al-Ward to the west and the Al-Jubbah Heights to the northeast.

09.05.2015. IRAQ (Kirkuk) - Peshmerga forces liberated Tal Rabaah village southwest of Daqoq district /40 km south of Kirkuk.
09.05.2015. IRAQ - Clashes inside Baiji Refinery.
09.05.2015. SYRIA (Deir Ez Zor) - IS on the offensive, they attacked the Al-Sina’a (Industrial), Al-‘Arfa, Al-Rusafa, Al-Rashidiyah, Jubeileh, Al-Kanamat, and Al-Haweeqa Quarters of the provincial capital, along with the villages of Al-Jafra and Al-Muri’iyah; this assault also included the besiegement of Sakr Island and the Deir Ezzor Military Airport.
09.05.2015. SYRIA (Jisr Al Shughour) - Rebels denied reports of Sugar Factory takeover by SAA.
09.05.2015. UKRAINE - Ongoing fighting in and around Donetsk airport and Shyrokyne.
09.05.2015. UKRAINE (Mariupol) - Reports of heavy weapons on both sides of the contact line, noting in particular a large concentration of tanks in a DPR-controlled area north-east of Mariupol.
09.05.2015. New page/map added (Yemen-Aden).
09.05.2015. SYRIA (Qalamoun) - Hezbollah continue counter-attack against JAN/FSA.

08.05.2015. SYRIA (Deir Ez Zor) - Clashes between IS and SAA Southeast and East of airport.
08.05.2015. SYRIA (Rif Dimashq) - Clashes continue between IS and rebels around al-Hajar al-Aswad south of Damascus.
08.05.2015. SYRIA (Qalamoun) - Assal Al Ward captured by Hezbollah.

07.05.2015. SYRIA (Jisr Al Shughour) - SAA's Tiger Forces capture Sugar Factory.
07.05.2015. YEMEN (Aden) - Fighting is currently concentrated in Aden’s Tawahi district, where Houthi forces were making advances.

06.05.2015. SYRIA (Damascus) - Jaysh al-Islam (re)capture Mayda'a.
06.05.2015. SYRIA (Quneitera) - Ahrar al-Sham, Jabhat al-Nusra and Islamic battalions captured al-Qahtania village.

05.05.2015. YEMEN - Yemeni tribes entered Saudi soil from Yemen’s northwestern Sa’ada Province and took control of 4 military posts in (KSA) Najran and Jazan regions.
05.05.2015. SYRIA (Rif Dimashq) - Clashes between SAA, backed by NDF and Hezbollah, against the JNA and FSA in Jrud al-Qalamoun.
05.05.2015. SYRIA (Damascus) - Clashes between the SAA against the FSA around the town of Zibdin in the Eastern Ghouta.
05.05.2015. SYRIA (Damascus) - Clashes between SAA backed by NDF and Hezbollah, against the JNA and FSA in the neighborhood of Jobar.
05.05.2015. SYRIA (Deir Ez Zor) - Clashes erupted between SAA and IS in the neighborhoods of al- Hwayqa and al- Rashidiyyi.
05.05.2015. SYRIA (Quneitera) - Clashes between JAN and FSA against Jaysh al- Jihad renewed in the town of al-Qahtania.
05.05.2015. SYRIA (Quneitera) - Clashes between SAA and NDF against the JAN and FSA near al-Baath and town of Khan Arnabah.
05.05.2015. SYRIA (Daraa) - Clashes took place yesterday night between the SAA the FSA east of Inkhel.
05.05.2015. SYRIA (Al-Hasakah) - Clashes had broken out between YPG, backed by al- Khabour Guards Forces and the Syriac Military Council, and IS in south of Tal Tamer.
05.05.2015. SYRIA (Al-Hasakah) - According to a military source in Al-Hasakah, the SAA and their allies captured the following eight villages on Monday: Al-Salihiyah, Al-Hamir, Ward Al-Shaqra, Sakhar, Al-Sarrab, Al-Mujeebrah, Rajman, and Al-Tabah.
05.05.2015. SYRIA (Idlib) - Clashes at the Al-Mastouma Orchards, where Jabhat Al-Nusra and Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham attempted to infiltrate into after the SAA’s Tiger Forces took complete control of this rugged area – the breach attempt was unsuccessful. East of Al-Mastouma, firefights between the NDF and Jabhat Al-Nusra continued at Tal Masayabeen.
05.05.2015. SYRIA (Jisr Al Shughour) - SAA's Tiger Forces continued their assault on Jabhat Al-Nusra at the Sugar Factory, taking complete control of the southern and eastern perimeters.
05.05.2015. SYRIA (Aleppo) - IS attacked Kuwayres Air Base. The attack was repelled.
05.05.2015. SYRIA (Aleppo) - Ahrar Al-Sham (re)capture Tal SyrianTel (hill near Tal Ma’ar Tab’i, east of Ariha). Ahrar Al-Sham attack on Tal Ma’ar Tab’i repelled by SAA.

04.05.2015. SYRIA (Qalamoun) - Nusra Front militants and members of the Islamic Brigade attacked Hezbollah positions on the outskirts of the Lebanese border enclave of Tfeil, the Qalamoun towns of Jreijeer, Jibba and the village of Asal al-Ward.
04.05.2015. SYRIA (Idlib) - Tal Ma’ar Tab’i (east of Ariha) - CONTESTED
04.05.2015. SYRIA - “Jaysh Al-Fatah” launched another assault on the Jisr Al-Shughour National Hospital. SAA (supported by SAAF) has repelled the attack.

03.05.2015. YEMEN - S. Arabia denies deployment of ground forces to Yemen’s Aden.
03.05.2015. YEMEN - A 'limited' Saudi-led force is on the ground in Yemen's strategic port of Aden and more troops are on their way.
03.05.2015. SYRIA (Rif Dimashq-East Ghouta) - Syrian Arab Army’s 105th Brigade of the Republican Guard in coordination with the National Defense Forces (NDF) broke through the frontline defenses of Jaysh Al-Islam at Mayda'a and took complete control of this town.
03.05.2015. SYRIA (Latakia) - Raweesah Al-Ghanam (11km west of Salma) under SAA/NDF control.

02.05.2015. UKRAINE - Ceasefire violations (shelling) in and around Donetsk airport.
02.05.2015. UKRAINE - Ceasefire violations (shelling) in Shyrokyne (20km east of Mariupol)
02.05.2015. UKRAINE - Ceasefire violations - Just outside government-controlled Mykolaivka (41km south of Donetsk), three outgoing tank rounds fired from a location approximately 2km to the north.
02.05.2015. UKRAINE - Ceasefire violations - Artillery round impact 10km to the north of its position in “Lugansk People’s Republic” (“LPR”)-controlled Molodizhne (62km west of Luhansk).
02.05.2015. SYRIA (Aleppo) - Clashes continue between SAA and Islamic battalions backed by Jabhat al-Nusra in al-Maysat area in the eastern entrance of Aleppo.
02.05.2015. SYRIA (Jisr Al Shughour) - SAA capture Al-Misheek (north of Al-Ziyarah). Qastoun, Qameenas, Fayloun, Koreen, and Muqablah contested.
02.05.2015. YEMEN - Saudi-led airstrikes continue despite last week’s announcement that the bombing would cease.

01.05.2015. UKRAINE - Approximately seven members of the Azov volunteer battalion took over an SMM observation point 4km north-west of Shyrokyne.
01.05.2015. SYRIA (Jisr Al Shughour) - Jabhat Al-Nusra suicide bomber attempted to ram VBIED into the National Hospital, bomb detonated before it could impact the SAA’s frontline fortifications.
01.05.2015. SYRIA (Jisr Al Shughour) - SAA has recaptured Al-Tanimiyah Checkpoint near the village of Al-Sirmaniyah.
01.05.2015. SYRIA (Jisr Al Shughour) - Jabhat Al-Nusra attack on Jisr Al-Shughour National Hospital repelled.
01.05.2015. SYRIA (Jisr Al-Shughour) - The Syrian Arab Army’s 87th Brigade of the 11th Tank Division in cooperation with the NDF taken Jub Al-Ahmar and Tal Wassit.
01.05.2015. SYRIA (Hasakah-Tal Tamr Area) - IS took control of Tel Dashmash,El Taruk,Tel Jadiya and Al Fuwayddat.
01.05.2015. SYRIA (Latakia) - Salma contested (SAA attack)

30.04.2015. SYRIA (Jisr Al Shughour) - Sugar Factory under Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham control.
30.04.2015. SYRIA (Jisr Al Shughour) - Tal Kamal - CONTESTED
30.04.2015. SYRIA (Jisr Al Shughour) - Jabhat Al-Nusra attack on Jisr Al-Shughour National Hospital repelled.
30.04.2015. SYRIA (Jisr Al Shughour) - SAA counterattack and retake Fawr.
30.04.2015. SYRIA (Hama) - SAA (106th Brigade from the Republican Guard – in coordination with the National Defense Forces (NDF) and Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP) ) – has reportedly captured the village of Al-Safsafiyah.

29.04.2015. UKRAINE - Fighting continued around Donetsk airport and Shyrokyne
29.04.2015. SYRIA (Deir Ez Zor) - At the Al-‘Arfa District, the 104th and 137th Brigades carried out a raid on an IS weapons depot.
29.04.2015. SYRIA (Deir Ez Zor) - SAA taking control of 80 percent of the island, including most of the Al’Aleesh District (Sakr Island).
29.04.2015. SYRIA (Jisr Al-Shughour) - SAA (87th Brigade) repel Jabhat Al-Nusra attack at National Hospital.
29.04.2015. SYRIA (Jisr Al-Shughour) - Jabhat Al-Nusra captured Musbin Quarries. Town and hill still under SAA (87th Brigade’s) control.
29.04.2015. SYRIA (Jisr Al-Shughour) - Jabhat Al-Nusra in cooperation with Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham, Jaysh Al-Muhajireen, and Ajnad Al-Sham – (re)captured village of Ishtabraq.

28.04.2015. YEMEN - The Sana’a airport was closed at 4pm after KSA led Coalition bombs hit the runway.
28.04.2015. SYRIA (Deir Ez Zor) - SAA (137th Brigade) continued their advance into Al-Shoula (west countryside of Deir Ez Zor).
28.04.2015. SYRIA (Deir Ez Zor) - IS attacked the SAA (104th Brigade) fortifications at Al-Jarfa. The attack was repelled.
28.04.2015. SYRIA (Deir Ez Zor) - IS attack Al-Fouad Cinema. Attack was repelled by SAA.
28.04.2015. SYRIA (National Hospital in Jisr Al-Shughour) - Jaysh Al-Fatah failed to infiltrate past the 87th Brigade’s frontline defenses.
28.04.2015. SYRIA (Idlib) - Jabhat Al-Nusra and their allies from Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham and Ajnad Al-Sham attempted to break into the Syrian Government controlled town of Ariha from their positions at Kafr Lata. They were repelled by the SAA and NDF.
28.04.2015. SYRIA (Jisr Al-Shughour District) - Qastoun CONTESTED (Jaysh Al-Fatah counter attack).

27.04.2015. IRAQ (Anbar) - IS blew up a bridge that links Rahhaliyah area and the city of Ramadi.
27.04.2015. IRAQ (Western Anbar) - ISF repelled an IS attack on Baghdadi region (road between al-Baghdadi and Ein al-Assad base).
27.04.2015. SYRIA (Khan Al Sheeh) - Jabhat Al-Nusra failed to infiltrate into the Syrian Arab Army’s Regiment 137 base.
27.04.2015. SYRIA (Jisr Al-Shughour District) SAA taking control of the villages of Ghaniyah, Ziyarah, Qastoun, and Misheek.
27.04.2015. SYRIA (Idlib) - Jaysh Al-Fatah destroyed the Brick Factory (east side of camp), SAA withdraw to western side of camp (army base).
27.04.2015. SYRIA (Al Hasakah) - After failed IS attack SAA counterattack and take Jisr Abyad, Al-Misayteer and Al-Daqoudiyah. Oil Factory and International School secured.

26.04.2015 SYRIA - Jisr Al Shoghour - Sugar Factory and Hospital under SAA control -
26.04.2015 SYRIA - Jisr Al Shughour - FSA/JNA -

25.04.2015 IRAQ - Tharthar Dam (NE from Falluja) - IS -
25.04.2015 SYRIA - Jist Al Shughour - FSA/JNA (Other then Hospital and Sugar Factory)

23.04.2015 SYRIA - CONTESTED (Daraa) - Busra Al-Hareer, Al-Kirak, Sikaka, Nahtah, Kafr Shamis, ‘Alma, Saida, Tal Al-Maal, Dara’a Al-Balad, Inkhil, ‘Ibta, Kafr Nissaj, Sinameen, Dilli, Jadal, and Qarfa -

22.04.2015 SYRIA - DARAA - Qarfa, Sinameen, Dilli, ‘Ibta’, Inkhil, Al-Kirak, ‘Itmann, Ghazali, Dara’a Al-Balad, and Kafr Nissaj - CONTESTED -

20.04.2015 SYRIA - Sheikh Hilaal (HAMA-in the eastern part of Al-Salamiya District) - CONTESTED -
20.04.2015 SYRIA - ‘Aqarab (HAMA-in the eastern part of Al-Salamiya District) - CONTESTED -
20.04.2015 SYRIA - Al-Masheerfat (HAMA-in the eastern part of Al-Salamiya District) - CONTESTED -
20.04.2015 SYRIA - East Maseekat (Daraa) - SAA -
20.04.2015 SYRIA - West Maseekat (Daraa) - SAA -
20.04.2015 SYRIA - Rassum Al-Khawaabi (Daraa) - SAA -
20.04.2015 SYRIA - Ishnaan (Daraa) - SAA -
20.04.2015 SYRIA - Al-Dalasat (Daraa) - SAA -
20.04.2015. SYRIA - Kuwayres Air Base - CONTESTED -
20.04.2015. SYRIA - Jib ‘Awad - SAA -
20.04.2015. SYRIA - Hajarat Al-Kabeer - SAA -
20.04.2015. SYRIA - Hajarat Al-Sagheer - SAA -
20.04.2015. SYRIA - Tal Al-Sheikh Mohammad (hill near the Khanasser-Aleppo Highway) - SAA -
20.04.2015. SYRIA - Muqbalah (South of Idlib) - SAA -

17.04.2015. IRAQ - al-Malha and al-Mazraah (South of Baiji refinery) - ISF -

16.04.2015. SYRIA - Bashkoy (Aleppo) - SAA -
16.04.2015. SYRIA - Duwayr Zeitoun (Aleppo) - SAA -
16.04.2015. SYRIA - Al-Zahra (Aleppo) - SAA -
16.04.2015. SYRIA - Mount Azzan (Aleppo,in the south) - SAA -
16.04.2015. SYRIA - Al-Manasheer (Aleppo,in the north) - SAA -
16.04.2015. SYRIA - Tal Sheer (Damascus,Al Zabadani) - SAA -
16.04.2015. SYRIA - Tal Al-Hamra (Damascus,Al Zabadani) - SAA -
16.04.2015. SYRIA - Nahlaya (Idlib) - SAA -
16.04.2015. SYRIA - Kareen (Kurin) (Idlib) - CONTESTED -
16.04.2015. SYRIA - Kafr Najd (Idlib) - SAA -

15.04.2015. IRAQ - Albo-Gahnam area northeast Ramadi - IS -

15.04.2015. IRAQ - Dujail (South of Tikrit) - CONTESTED -

15.04.2015. IRAQ - Baiji Refinery - CONTESTED -

15.04.2015. SYRIA - Tal Al-Hamra (Al Zabadani) - SAA -

15.04.2015. SYRIA - Al Rashadiyah (Aleppo) - SAA -

31.12.2014. IRAQ - IS blew up the main bridge of Qayyarah district. -

29.12.2014. IRAQ - ISF enter Dhuluiya -

27.12.2014. IRAQ - ISF taken Banat al- Hassan -

27.12.2014. IRAQ - ISF taken Yathrib -

27.12.2014. IRAQ - ISF taken Dhuluiya airport -

27.12.2014. IRAQ - ISF taken Albu Asaf near Ishaqi (S of Samarra) -

22.12.2014. IRAQ - Tell Afar Air Base taken by ISF -

21.12.2014. SYRIA - Fighting between Shu’aytaat fighters (supported by SAA) and IS in Al-Bu-‘Umar (SE from Deir Ez Zor). - Government sources

20.12.2014. SYRIA - Shu’aytaat fighters (now allied with the SAA) cleared Subayhan and Al-Duwayr (Deir Ez Zor) from IS. - Government sources

18.12.2014. IRAQ - Haditha (District) contested. -

18.12.2014. IRAQ - Peshmerga liberated all Zammar areas till Sinjar Mount. -

18.12.2014. IRAQ - Peshmerga forces backed by the international coalition aircraft managed to liberate the villages of Higher Beark, Lower Beark, and Akrishat. -

17.12.2014. IRAQ - The Peshmerga forces managed to regain control of the villages (Fiqirok, Kirkamish, Kopanki, Hanka, Karez, Ksrig, Large Brochure, Small Brochure ) south of Zumar. -

17.12.2014. IRAQ - Kahrizah, Tel Merck and Hanka villages are under the control of the Peshmerga. -

16.12.2014. SYRIA - JN captured Wadi Al-Deif (Idlib) -

14.12.2014. SYRIA - SAA have taken Handarat (Aleppo) and Al Kindi Hospital - Government sources.

10.12.2014. IRAQ - ISF backed by tribes have recaptured several areas near Hit, including al-Dolab, al-Tulaihiya, al-Kanshiyah and al-Tahmaniya. -

10.12.2014. Syria (Al Hasakah) - The villages of Ma’assoum, Qaraat, Al-Hanish, Al-‘Aweena, Ma’arouf, Al-Taba, and Nisaraat were declared under Syrian State Government control. -

8.12.2014. SAA has retaken the area of Al-Manasheer located northeast of the Hanano Barracks in the Aleppo Governorate. -

30.11.2014. IRAQ - Jalawla and Sa'adiyah taken by ISF -

27.11.2014. IDLEB; Hameemat (Haymaimat?) and Mastreeha (Mustarihah?) taken by SAA

27.11.2014. Jabhat Al-Nusra (Al-Nusra Front) launched a multitude of attacks on Syrian rebel factions in the Idlib Governorate, seizing the villages of Al-Faqeeya, Kafr Sijna, and Ma’ar Zeeta. The specific factions involved in the battle were Jabhat Thawar Souri and Liwaa Ansar Idlib.

26.11.2014. Al HASAKAH; SAA and NDF taken Bab Al-Khayr and Al-Jamou on the southern front of the Al-Hasakah.

11.10.2014. Syria-SAA taken Wadi Ain Terma (Damascus) and villages and towns of al-Mazari’eh, Bashkuwi, Benjern, Um al-Jern, Qashouteh, al-Wawiyeh, al-Berzaniyeh, Rasm al-Hulo, Diman, Rasm al-Sheikh and al-Husseiniyeh in the countryside of Aleppo. -

10.10.2014. Syria-Al Safira: Al-Barzaaniyya, Al-Zara’a , Bashkawi, Banaan Al-Hass, Kafr Akkar, and Al-‘Adnaniyya recaptured by SAA -

09.10.2014. Iraq-Hit taken by "IS" -

08.10.2014. Syria-Al Mahruqah and Al Habeet (Habit) (NW of Hama) taken by SAA

08.10.2014. Syria-Towns SW of Al Safira taken by rebels: Qashouta, Al Baraznia, Deman (Diyman?), al-Ezraa al-Tahtatnia, al-Zeraa al-Foukania (Zeraa?), Kafar Kar (Kafr 'Akkar?)

06.10.2014. Syria-Al Hara (Qunaitra) also taken by rebels

05.10.2014. Syria-Tal Al Hara (Qunaitra) taken by rebels -

05.10.2014. Iraq-"IS" has taken Kubaisah (west of Hit) and Mohammadi (south of Hit)-

05.10.2014. Iraq-ISF + Kurds retake Zumar (NW of Mosul) -

03.10.2014. Syria-SAA taken: Masasinah, Buwayda (Hama); Handarat, Sayfat (Aleppo)

28.09.2014. Syria-Al Dokhania (Damascus) taken by SAA

27.09.2014. Syria-Adra town (Damascus) taken by SAA

25.09.2014. Iraq-Fallujah surrounded by ISF. -

25.09.2014. Syria-Contested: Kafr Zita (Hama), Al Bilaliyeh (Damascus-eastern Ghouta)

24.09.2014. Iraq-Beiji refinery contested -

18.09.2014. Syria-SAA taken Ghaweran Neighborhood of Al Hasakah -

17.09.2014. Syria-Tall Hamish (Hasakah) contested

16.09.2014. Syria-YPG taken Sharmoukh (north Tal Hamis countryside)

15.09.2014. Iraq-Karateppa (Qarah Tappah?) taken by Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) -

14.09.2014. Syria-Maksar al Hesan (Homs eastern countryside) contested.

14.09.2014. Syria-YPG taken (Al Hasakah):Tall Abu Khazaf, Rahya, Hajia, Kabeb, Harqa.

14.09.2014. Iraq-Alqraj contested -

13.09.2014. Syria-Hamidiyah (Qunaitra) taken by FSA.

13.09.2014. Syria-Helfaia (Hama) taken by SAA.

12.09.2014. Syria-Naba’ Al-Sakhr and Kafr Nasaj (Qunaitra) taken by FSA -

11.09.2014. Syria-Btaysh (Hama) taken by SAA. Helfaia contested.

10.09.2014. Syria-Khattab, Khirbet al-Hijama, Zawr al Qusayyah and Shir'aya (Hama) taken by SAA -

09.09.2014. Iraq-Barwana taken by ISF -

09.09.2014. Syria-Arzeh and Bel-Hossein towns (Hama) taken by SAA -

07.09.2014. Syria-Ayn Al Basha (Qunitra) taken by FSA -

06.09.2014. Syria-Mare' town (Aleppo) contested by "IS"

06.09.2014. Syria-Hatita Al Jars (Damascus) taken by SAA

04.09.2014. Iraq-ISF and the Peace Brigades took control on Wednesday on the village of Albu Hassan near Amerli -

03.09.2014. Syria-Al Thayyem - Central Processing Facility (Deir Ez Zor) taken by SAA -

02.09.2014. Iraq-Yankajah (west of Tuz) taken by Peshmerga -

02.09.2014. Syria-Clash between SAA/YPG against "IS" in Al Hasakah (Gweran neighbourhood)

01.09.2014. Iraq-Zumar taken by Peshmerga -

01.09.2014. Iraq-Suleyman Bek taken by Iraq army -

30.08.2014. Iraq-4000 fighters were preparing to lift the siege on Amerli in Tuz -

30.08.2014. Iraq-Zumar contested -

27.08.2014 Gaza-Palestinians have accepted long-term ceasefire agreement -

25.08.2014. Syria-Al Tabqah air base taken by "IS"

19.08.2014. Iraq-Tikrit contested -

18.08.2014. Iraq-Sa'adiyah taken by joint ISF and Kurds forces operation -

18.08.2014. Iraq-Baiji refinery under gov. control -

17.08.2014. Iraq-Mosul dam retaken by Kurds (supported by US airstrikes) -

15.08.2014. Syria-Al-Mleiha (Damascus) taken by SAA -

13.08.2014. Syria-IS taken from FSA: towns of Ekhtrin and Terkman Bareh and the villages of Al Mas’odeyya, Arshaf, Al Ghoz, Al Dwaybeq and Al Azezeyyi in the northern eastern countryside of Aleppo

13.08.2014. Iraq-Al Edhim taken by Iraq+Kurds forces -

11.08.2014. Iraq-Jalawla taken by "IS" -

08.08.2014. Iraq-Turkish F-16s over north Iraq -

08.08.2014. Iraq-ISF liberate Alsger area north-east of Fallujah -

08.08.2014. Iraq-Qaraqosh taken by "IS". -

04.08.2014. Iraq-AIRSTRIKE: Syed Abdullah (South of Baghdad)

04.08.2014. Iraq-CONTESTED: Amerli, Arab Jabour (Jazira) north of al-Muqdadiyah, Sinjar and Zammar districts (Peshmerga counter attack) - NINA

03.08.2014. Iraq - Zumar, Sinjar and Wana captured by "IS" -

31.07.2014. Syria-CONTESTED: ***ALEPPO: around Aleppo castle, outskirts of Al Rashedin neighborhood, vicinity of the Military Academy and near Al Hekam School in the neighborhood of Al Hmadaneyye; neighborhoods of Saif Al Dawle, Salah Al Din and Al Eza’a, ***DEIR EZ ZOR: neighborhood of Al Hweqa, ***DAMASCUS: Darraya, outskirts of Zebdin town (in the eastern Ghouta), ***DARAA: vicinity of the Brigade 15 (outskirts of Ankhel), ***HAMA: vicinity of Al Majdal and Al Hekme School checkpoints (in the western countryside)

31.07.2014. Syria-ROCKET/AIRSTRIKES: ***ALEPPO: Hayan town (in the southern countryside), Masaken Hanano, Qrolloq, neighborhood of Al Enzarat, ***DAMASCUS: Al Zabadani,Wasteland of Raas Al Ma’arra town (in Al Qalamun), Douma, Harasta, Al Maleha, Zamalka (in the eastern Ghota), ***HAMA: Morek (in the northern countryside), Allatamne (in the northern countryside), Ma’erzaf (in the western countryside), ***DARAA: Dar’a Al Balad, Al Yadoda, Jasem, Khel, ***DEIR EZ ZOR: Al Mayadin, Al Shhil, ***HOMS: Al Wa’er

31.07.2014. Iraq-CONTESTED: Dhuluiya (Duloaiya), Taza area (south of Kirkuk), Warrar area (Ramadi)

31.07.2014. Iraq-AIRSTRIKES: Albu Ridha (Albu Riza?) (in Amerli south of Kirkuk), Albu Hassan (in Salahuddin province), Deira (Hawija, west of Kirkuk), Hamrin area (northeast of Baquba), Jurf al-Sakhar

31.07.2014. Iraq-Kubaisah (Anbar) liberated by ISF -

30.07.2014. Syria-CONTESTED: ***HAMA: west of Al Salameyyi city, Kafr Zaytaa, Zoor Abu Zayd, ***ALEPPO: Al Brej area near the Central Prison of Aleppo, Handaraat Camp, Layramoon, Tal-Rif’aat, Al Bawwaabiyya, Al-Na’naa’iy, Tal Balaat Grain Silos, Tal-‘Alam, Khaan Al-‘Asal, Al-Mansoora, Hanaanu at the Youth Residencies, Bani Zayd, Al-Muyassar, Al-Raashideen 4th Block, Al-Ma’saraaniyya at Youth Housing, Sulaymaan Al-Halabi, Old City, Citadel area, Karm Al-Turaab, Al-Shaykh Lutfi, Kuroom ‘Azeeza, Al-Jazmaati, Al-Haadher, Al-Mallaah Properties, ***HOMS: outskirts of Talbise, Khattaab, Kharjat Al-Hujaama, Bil-Hussayn, Al Tayyiba, Abu Zayd, Kafr Zaytaa, Al Lataamina, ***QUNEITRA: vicinity of the towns of Om Batena, Momtanne and Al
Qahtaneyyi, ***IDLEB: Qumaynaas, SyriaTel Towers, Jabal Al-Arba’een area, Shinaan, Conserva, Talab, Nahlayyaa, Kooreen Farms, Tal, ***DARAA: Busra al-Sham, Tallat Al-Tha’la (In the far east of the province near the huge airbase of the same name), Al-Naaziheen Camp, Al-Yaadoodaa, Kafr Habeeb, Bi`r Al-Balakhi, ‘Itmaan, Al-‘Abbaasiyya, Art Institute, Sutheast Bilaal Al-Habashi Mosque, Kataakeet Building, Old Customs, Al-Kassaara at the Simleen/Zimreen Junction, North Al-Sha’ra Town, Inkhil, Al-Yarmouk School, South Khirbat Ghazaala, Tal Al-Mutawwaq, Tal Faadi, Simleen/Al-Thurayyaa Road, ***HASAKAH: Sabe' Sekor south of Hasakah, ***DAMASCUS: wastelands of Qalamoun, Fleta town, Al Maleha, Jawbar, Douma, ‘Urrat Zaakiya, Al-Shifooniyya, ‘Adraa Workers’ Residential area at Block (Jazeera 9), Khaan Al-Shaykh Farms

30.07.2014. Syria-ROCKET/AIRSTRIKES:

***AR RAQQAH: vicinity of the Brigade 93 ,***IDLEB: Saraqeb, Kefranbel, Al Bara, ***HAMA: Allatamne, Kafar Zita, northern side of Khattab, ***DARAA: Otman, eastern Gharya, western Garya, Al Hrak, Ankhel, Da’el, Nawa, ***ALEPPO: neighborbhood of Tariq Al Bab, Dayr Hafer, Al Marja, ***DAMASCUS: Fleta, Kafr Batna, al-Qusour area (near Nestle company
in Khan al-Shekh), ***HOMS: areas around al-Hawla, al-Wa'er, Talbisa

30.07.2014. Iraq-AIRSTRIKES: Fallujah, eastern Mosul, Jurfis-Sakhar of Babil , Karmah , Nibai; Alshortan , Albu Fahd, Albu Obaid areas in Karma area of Anbar province; Alqragol and Yousufiyah districts; Samarra;

30.07.2014. Syria-Hamah-Morek controlled by SAA. Skirmishing in the east and south of the town.

29.07.2014. Syria-CONTESTED: ***DAMASCUS: vicinity of Al Maleha ***AL HASAKAH: south of Al Hasakah (SAA vs ISIS) ***DEIR EZ ZOR: Brigade 137 ***DARAA: vicinity of Salmin ***HOMS: vicinity of Om Sharshoh (in the northern countryside); Jazel oil well and Wadi al-Abyad Dam in Palmyra countryside and in the Dam area in al-Qariateen and Einq al-Hawa in Homs
east countryside and in Um Sharshouh and al-Anz farm in Talbessieh ***ALEPPO: neighborhood of Al Rashedeyyi; Haiyan, al-Haidariyeh, al-Bab, al-Mislmiyeh, al-Shaar, al-Sheikh Lutfi, al-Jazmati, al-Sakhour, al-Hilwaniyeh, Hanano and Tal Hatabat ***HAMA: road that links between the two cities of Hama and Mharde as well as the vicinity of Al Jamarek Roundabout on the western entrance of Hama; Akerbat ***IDLIB: Nahle town, Qaminaz town; near al-Arbai’yn mountain, SyriaTel tower, Bakfaloun and Brouma farms in Idleb countryside

29.07.2014. Syria-ROCKET/AIRSTRIKES: ***DAMASCUS: Al Maleha (near Zebdin), Al Zabadani, Kafr Batna ***HAMA: M’ardes (in the northern countryside), Rahbet Khattab ***DARAA: eastern
neighborhood of Bosra Al Sham, Da'el, Ankhel, Kobra Battalion, Nawa, Al Jizi ***HOMS: Talbise (in the northern countryside) ***DEIR EZ ZOR: Ayyash, Al Khreta, Al Shmeteyyi, Hawayej Zyab on Al Shameyyi Line (in the western countryside) ***ALEPPO: Kafr Hamra

28.07.2014. Syria-CONTESTED: ***ALEPPO: outskirts of Handarat camp, vicinity of the building of the Air Force Intelligence and the vicinity of the mosque of Al Rasol Al A’zam in the neighborhood of Jam’eyyet Al Zahraa (in the west of Aleppo) ***DEIR EZ ZOR: Al Rasafa neighborhood, Al Ommal neighborhood, Al Sena’a neighborhood ***AL HASAKAH: vicinity of Al Melebeyyi Regiment ***DAMASCUS: Al Reje square in Al Yarmuk camp, wasteland of Flita town (in Qalamoun-the 2 smuggling routes in Al-Hamraa and Al-Musayiyib), Al Maleha (farmlands north and west), Zaakiya/Khaan Al-Shaykh Road, Khaan Al-Shaykh, Magharr Al-Meer, Daarayyaa, ‘Irbeen, Al-‘Ibb Farms in Doumaa, Joubar ***DARAA: vicinity of Ankhel town and Semlin ***AR RAQQAH: near the Brigade 93 located near the town of Ayn Esa ***HOMS: Kafr Laahaa in Al-Hoolaa, Waadi Al-Kahf in Al-Qusayr, Al-Qunaytaraat

28.07.2014. Syria-ROCKET/AIRSTRIKES: ***ALEPPO: neighborhood Al Sha’ar, neighborhood Qadi Askar ***DEIR EZ ZOR: neighborhoods of Al Sena’a and Al Hweqa ***HOMS: Deir Ful (in the northern countryside), neighborhood of Al Wa’er ***HAMA: Khattab, Allatamne ***DAMASCUS: Al Madeneyyi (in the neighborhood of Al Qadam), wasteland of Al Qalamun, Douma, Kafar Al Zet (in Wadi Barada area) ***DARAA: Ankhel, Al Jaydur ***AR RAQQAH: Hozayma

27.07.2014. Baath Headquarters Liberated in Al-Hasakah -

27.07.2014. Syria - Mount Sha'er ("Sha'er gas field") cleared by SAA - confirmed.

*EDITED*27.07.2014. Syria - CONTESTED: ***ALEPPO: vicinity of Ghayton village near the town of Ekhtrin (FSA vs IS), vicinity of Ta’anne, Al Rahmaneyyi, E’bed and Al Moqbele villages in the eastern countryside, north and west of the Central Prison of Aleppo in Al Brej area, Handarat, Rasem al-Abboud, al-Sheikh Lutfi, Khan al-Asal, Tal Khattab, al-Sheikh Said, al-Zarbeh, Bawabiyeh, Babansh, Haret al-Shahadiyeen, Hreitan and al-Ramousa***DAMASCUS: wasteland of Al Qalamun area, ***DARAA: the hills of the town of Om Walad, Inkhill, area south of Khazan al-Oseileh***HAMA: vicinity of Rahbet Khattab in the northern western countryside, the eastern front of Morek, vicinity of Tal Salba

27.07.2014. Syria - ROCKET/AIRSTRIKES:***ALEPPO: Al Manasher area in Al Brej, neighborhood of Karam Al Bek near the international airport of Aleppo, Maskana town in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, ***DAMASCUS: Jobar, Darayya, ***DARAA: Al Sheik Miskin, Jasim, Al Msefra, Tal Al Jomo, ***AR RAQQAH: Al Tabqa, ***HAMA: Kafar Zita, allatamne, Al ‘wayne

25.07.2014. Syria - CONTESTED: ***HAMA: Morek, checkpoint of Khnizir town near the city of Mharde in the western countryside ***AL HASAKAH: Al Fasayel area in the east of Al Hasakah (IS vs SAA), Kherbet Al Jaddo area in the countryside of Al Qameshli (IS vs SAA), vicinity of Regiment 121 known by Al Melabeyyi Regiment and located to the south of Al Hasakah ***DAMASCUS: Labor City of Adra, wasteland of Fleta in Al Qalamun area, neighborhood of Jobar from Al abbaseyyin side *** AR RAQQAH: Division 17 ***ALEPPO: Old Aleppo, *outskirts of the neighborhoods of Bostan Al Qaser, Al khaldeyyi and Al sheik Maqsod*, *Boraz, Dekerman and Al Kashat in the western countryside of Ayn Al arab (YPG vs IS)*

25.07.2014. Syria - ROCKET/AIRSTRIKES: ***ALEPPO: Dayr Hafir, al-Sekkari neighborhood, al-Manasher, Bab al-Neirab, Bustan Al Basha, Al Hulluk, Hayyan, Masaken Hanano, Al sha’ar, Al Sakhor, Anadan, Bab Al Hadid, Tal Ref’at, Al Shara in the western countryside ***DAMASCUS: Zebdin in the eastern Ghouta, Kafar Batna, al-Meleha, Douma, vicinity of Khan Al Shih, Magher Al Mir area in the western Ghouta, Darayya ***DARAA: western Gharya, Al Na’eme, Tal Al Jomo, area located between the two towns of Al na’ima and Sayda ***HOMS: Al Waz’eyyi in the northern countryside ***AR RAQQAH: Al Tabaqa, Al Raqqah, Al Rmele, vicinity the Division 17, northern and western outskirts of Al Raqqah ***HAMA: Allatamne, Kafar Zita, Tal Meleh village in the western countryside, outskirts of Al Tarmise, Sarha ***DEIR EZ ZOR: Deir Ez Zor ***LATAKIA: Al Akrad Mountain, Salma

24.07.2014. Gaza - Hamas - rockets strikes on: Tel Aviv, Nitzan, Nitzanim, Ashkelon, S'derot, Bir Am, Ganim, Sdot Negev, Netivot, Hatzerim airbase, east of Tofah neighborhood

24.07.2014. Syria - CONTESTED: ***DARAA: neighborhood of Al Mansheyyi in Dar’a Al Balad ***ALEPPO: Al Hatab square in Old Aleppo, near Syriatel tower and Al Romman area in the village of Aziza in the southern countryside, northern neighborhood of al-Rashden, Akhtaren town (FSA vs IS), near al-Shyokh town in Jarablis countryside (YPG vs IS) ***DAMASCUS: Arafa checkpoint on the outskirts of Jobar, Hajar Al-Aswad (FSA vs IS), Khaan Al-Shaykh Farms, Khirbat Al-‘Abbaasiyya ***HAMA: al-Qejia area north of al-Mab'uja (SAA vs IS)

24.07.2014. Syria ROCKET/AIRSTRIKES: ***HAMA: Nahya Aqrebat, Sha'er mount, al-Fasida, farmlands of Kafr Zita, Tal Meleh in the northern countryside, Hamada Omar in the eastern countryside ***DARAA: Al Teba, Tal Al Jabeyyi in the west of Nawa city, Sayda, eastern Mleha and Nahta, Jasim ***DAMASCUS: Al Mleha, road that links the town of Zakiyah with Khan Al Shih, western orchards of Darayya, Jobar ***ALEPPO: Tal Jbin, Ayn Al Tal in the neighborhood of Al Hulluk, Fafin near the Infantry Academy in the northern countryside, al-Bab, Dayr-Hafir, Tal Qrah ***AR RAQQAH: Al Foroseyyi area in the north of the city of Al Raqqa, road of Al Safsafe, area around Brigade 17 located in the north of Al Raqqa, around the 17th division and the rest were around Hezema turning, Mesbaq al-Sono', Monir Habib School, north of the sugar factory, areas in the eastern side of Raqqa

23.07.2014. Syria - CONTESTED: DAMASCUS: vicinity of Al Maleha, outskirts of Jisrin town in the eastern Ghouta (IS vs FSA), area that separates Al Abbaseyin area from the neighborhood of Jobar, vicinity of Darayya, Qalamun area on the Syrian- Lebanese border, Khan al-Shih farms ***ALEPPO: vicinity of Ekhtrin town, in the vicinity of Aziza village and in the village of Al Wdehi in the southern countryside, area between the two villages of Al Bayada and Jebne in the western countryside of Ayn Al arab (FSA vs IS), neighborhood of Al Rashedin in the west of Aleppo, Bab al-Hadid, Qadi Askar, Ain al-Tal, al-Lairamoun, Tall Rifat, al-Myassar, the Old City, Khan al-Asal, Andan, al-Bab, Deir Hafer, Hanano, al-Hader, Orom al-Soghra, Babis ***DARAA: eastern side of Nawa, Inkhil, north of al-Nua’ima Town, near the western al-Khazan behind Salmin-Zimrin Crossroads, Busra al-Harir roundabout, north-west of Tal Khudir ***HOMS: Aqrab, Masada, Ounq al- Hawa, Rahhoum, Abu Jwadiet, Oum Sahreej, Aqerbat, Izz Eddin, Durrat Bazak, Umm Sharshouh, Qadi Faykha ***IDLIB: Kwrein, Kifr Najd, al-Rami

23.07.2014. Syrian airstrikes on: DARAA: town of Al Sora, Jasem, Nawa, Tal Aljabeyyi, Al Muzayrib, outskirts of Tal Shab, west of Al Ne’eme town, Sayda, Al Sheik Sa’ed, Bosra Al Harir ***DAMASCUS: Al Mleha, Kafar Batna, Al Teba (in the western Ghouta), Al shefoneyyi farmlands (near Douma), Al Neshabeyyi farmlands and Wadi Ayn Terma (in the eastern Ghouta), Al Zabadani ***LATAKIA: village of Al Sekkareyyi in the Turekman Mountain ***DEIR EZ ZOR: Al Bokamal, neighborhood of Al Sheik Meskin, neighborhood of Al Hweqa, areas around Der Ez Zor military airport, al-Muazafin neighborhood ***IDLIB: Bennesh, road that links the city of Bennesh with the village of Ta’om, outskirts of Ma’arret Al Numan city from Kafr Ruma side ***AR RAQQAH: Al Foroseyi area near an IS checkpoint in the north of Ar Raqqah ***ALEPPO: Al Wahsheyi (in the northern countryside), area in the roundabout of Al Jandul, Al Bab, western Firen area, neighborhoods of Al Sakhor and Al Hedareyi, al-Mowasalat neighborhood ***HAMA: al-Latamena

23.07.2014. NEW BASE MAP!

22.07.2014. Hamas (Gaza) rocket strikes on: Tel Aviv,Ashdod, Eshkol, Beer Ganim, Be’er Sheva, Nitzan and Nitzanim.

21.07.2014. CONTESTED: ***Aleppo: areas of Al Brej and Al sheik Najjar, vicinity of Jebne village in the western countryside of Ayn Al arab (FSA vs IS) ***Damascus: neighborhoods of Al Qadam and Al Hajar Al Aswad (FSA vs IS), neighborhood of Al Tadamon, neighborhood of Jobar from Al Abbaseyyin side, neighborhood of Al Tadamon ***Hama: Mork ***Latakia: Al Mor well area ***Homs: Jborin town ***Idlib: Binnish, Ma’ar Tab’iy, Jabal Al-Arba’een area, Furayka, Ma’arrat-Massreen, Kafr-Roomaa, Tal-Deeneet area

21.07.2014. Air/Rocket strikes: ***ALEPPO: Al Mowasalat Al Qadime in the neighborhoods of Al Sha’ar, Qarleq, Al Sakhur, neighborhoods of Al Ansari Al Sharqi and Al Ferdos, al-Ansari al-Sharqi, al-Ferdous neighborhood, al-Qaterji area, Tal Ref’at, village of Hor in the town of Mare’, Al Sena’eyyi area in the neighborhood of AlKallase and areas in the neighborhood of Bustan Al Qaser, neighborhood of Al Salhin, Al Bab, neighborhood of Al Sekkari, Anjara in the western countryside ***HAMA: Allatamne (in the northern countryside),villages of Twinan and Al Fasede (in the east of Hama), Atshan in the eastern countryside ***LATAKIA: Rabi’a, Kensabba ***HOMS: Talbisa ***DARAA: algharia and Jasim, Al Sora, Ankhel, Otman, southern villages of Ezra tow ***DAMASCUS: wasteland of Ersal, wasteland of Qara city, Fleta, Yilda (in the south of Reef Dimashq - FSA vs IS), Al Mleha and areas in the city of Al Zabadani ***HOMS: outskirts of Al Rastan

20.07.2014. Heavy fighting in ALEPPO: ‘Ibteen, Hawr, Al-Shaykh Sa’eed, Kafr Khaasher, Maayer, Al-Raamoosa, Karm Al-Muyassar, Free Trade Zone, Al-Hilwaaniyya, Old City, Jaaddat (Street) Al-Khandaq, Al-Haajeb, Dayr Haafer, Kafr Hamraa, Castillo, Al-Jandool Roundabout, Al-Shaykh Lutfi *** DAMASCUS: Al-Maleeha Farms, Zibdeen Farms, Al-Nishaabiyya Farms, Kafr Batna, Waadi ‘Ayn Turma, ‘Aaliya Farms, Al-‘Ibb Farms, Khaan Al-Shaykh Farms ***QUNAYTRA: Dhahr Al-Kassaar (failed FSA infiltration from Hirsh Taranja), Umm Baatina (attacked by SAA), Tal Ufaaniya (failed FSA infiltration), Majdoolyaa ***DARAA: Al-Shaykh Sa’ad, ‘Almaa, Tal-Sayf, Al-Soora, Inkhil, Al-Jeeza, West and East Al-Ghaariyya, ‘Itmaan at the city center, Umm Al-Mayaadhen Junction, West of Tal Khudhr, - SyrPer

20.07.2014. Iraq failed to recapture Tikrit. IS have captured millitary airbase NW of Tikrit. -

19.07.2014. Heavy fighting in Aleppo: Al-Haydariyya, Balaat, Al-Kaarfoor, Huraytaan, Handaraat, Al-Sameeriyya, Kafr Naahaa, West Icarda, Khawaabi Al-‘Asal, Al-Judayda, Free Trade Zone, Kafr Hamraa, Maare’, Al-Na’naa’iy, Al-Indhaaraat, Bustaan Al-Baashaa, Al-Shaykh Lutfi, Khaan Al-‘Asal, ‘Anjaara, Hayyaan, Jubb Al-Safaa, Al-Mansoora, Al-Zurba, Al-Sha’aar, Al-Shuqayf - SyrPer

19.07.2014. Syria airstrikes on: ***ALEPPO: Ikhtren town area (in the northern eastern countryside of Aleppo), Al-Atarib town, al-Sakhour (Aleppo) ,al-Haydariyeh (Aleppo) and area in Tal al-halak (Aleppo), al-Hajib village (in the southern countryside), the old transportation area in al-Sha'ar neighborhood, ***DARAA: areas in the valleys between Othman ('Atman?) and Da'el; area near Tal al-Jomou', Dar’a Al Balad, the plains located between the eastern the Gharya and western Gharya, Othman ('Athman?), Kehel village, areas in al-Sora town, ***HAMA: Kafar Zita, Tanks Battalion in the vicinity of Morek town, areas around Morek, the farmlands of Latmin village, al-Wabida near Taiba al-Emam, ***DEIR EZ ZOR: neighborhoods of Al Jbele and Al Hweqa, neighborhood of Al Aridi, Al Shmeteyyi (in the western countryside), ***DAMASCUS: areas in the eastern Ghota, Al Zabadani the western mount of the city), Adra, al-Der-Khabya farms.

18.07.2014. Israel mobilized additional 18,000 soldiers.
18.07.2014. Israel tank attack on Rafah and Khan Yunis.
18.07.2014. "IS" claims they have captured "Sha'er" oil fields BUT it looks like the "Sha'er" oil fields are non-exsistent. Further more the "Al Sha'irat" is located about 500m west from "Shayrat" (get the name?) millitary airbase , 1.5km from Army storage terrein, 5km east from SAA millitary positions and 4.5km north of air defence base. Even if there is something there (oil/gas) rats don't stand a chance in that position.
Other than that, the area looks like farm lands...
Looks like the SOHR has been "duped".
18.07.2014. Syrian airstrikes on: ALEPPO: town of Al Atarib , neighborhood of Al sha’ar, vicinity of Al Brej, neighborhood of Al Hulluk, neighborhood of Al hedareyyi, al-Ansari al-Sharqi neighborhood, Qabtian al-Jabal, Azaz ***IDLIB: Binnish, Helli area in the Sammaq mountain near Kafar Takharim, ***HAMA: Mork, Kafar Zita, ***DEIR EZ ZOR: areas in the vicinity of Al Kharrata oilfield, ***DARAA: areas in al-Menshya neighborhood, eastern al-Gharia, Da'el, Nawa ***DAMASCUS: Al Zabadani, Jobar, Douma,
18.07.2014. Israel attacks Gaza on Erez crossing -
17.07.2014. Syrian airstrikes on HAMA: Morek, al-Ferja village in Ma'rah al-Nu'man countryside ***IDLIB: villages of ( Telmins (Talmenes?), al-Ferja, Tahtaia, al-Tah, al-Taman'a (Al Taman'ah?) and Skek ) in Ma'rah al-Nu'man countryside ***DAMASCUS: Zebdin, farmlands of Kfar Batna, wasteland of Arsal town, Jobar, Douma ***ALEPPO: Eion village in the northern countryside, areas in babins and Tal-She'er in the northern eastern countryside, air strikes around the Kuwayres airport, al-Mashhad neighborhood, al-Jadoul area ***AR RAQQAH: al-Ekershi camp ***DARAA: Nawa, Shekh Sa'ed town, Da'el ***IDLIB: Saraqib, around al-Hamdya camp.
16.07.2014. "...the 100 fighters will join the 800 fighters, who entered Kobani earlier..." - Kurds claim reinforcements coming from Turkey
16.07.2014. Syrian Airstrikes on Al Maliha (Damascus), Al Taiba (Damascus), around Jeroud Arsal and Jroud Fleta (Damascus-Qalamoun), Jawbar (Damascus), Daraya (Damascus), Al Zabadani area (Damascus), Douma (Damascus), Zor Al Hisa (Hama), areas near Aqerbat and the villages of Qastal and Hamada Omar in the eastern countryside (Hama), Morek (Hama), Hamada Omar village areas (Hama - eastern countryside), outskirts of Taiba al-Imam (Hama), al-Atarib (Aleppo), Dar Azza (Aleppo), al-Heidaria (Al Hedareyyi) and B'eden (B’idin) neighborhoods (Aleppo), Bustan al-Qasir (Bustan Al Qaser) neighborhood (Aleppo), al-Sekkari neighborhood (Aleppo), Kafar Hamra and areas in Hayan and Andan (Aleppo), Hendarat camp (Aleppo), al Jandoul area (Aleppo), Hreitan town (Aleppo), Khan Shekhon (Idlib), Jarjnar town (Idlib-in the eastern countryside of Ma'rah), al-Braghidi (Buraghayti ? Idlib-in Abo al-Dohor countryside), Tell al-Jumou' (Daraa), Inkhill (Daraa), Ash Sheikh Sa'd (Daraa), Da'er (Daraa), areas near the salt mine the in the western countryside of Der-Ezzor, Al Shadadi area (Al Hasakah)
15.07.2014. Iraq armyretakes Tikrit -
15.07.2014. Syrian Airstrikes on Atshan (Hama), Brigth (Hama-in the southern countryside), Mork (Hama), Kfar Zita (Hama), Al Bashireyyi (Idleb-in the countryside of Jisr Al Shughur), vicinity of Al Hamidiyah military camp (Idleb-in the southern countryside of Ma’arret Al Nu’man), Kaffar Ruma (Idlib-in the countryside of Ma’arret Al Nu’man), Al Ferdos (Aleppo), Al Muzayreeb (Daraa), Saham Al Jawlan (Daraa-in the western countryside), Da’el (Daraa),Adwan (Daraa), Al Yadudeh (Daraa), Tsil (Daraa), Al Turkman and Al Akrad mountins (Latakia), areas in the northeast of Adra (Damascus), Rankus farmlands (Damascus), Al Zabadani (Damascus), Al Maliha (Damascus), outskirts of the towns of Zebdind (Zebdeen ?) and Jisreen (Damascus), farmlands of Al Neshapeyyi (??Damascus), Wadi Ayn Terma (Damascus), Khan Al Shih camp (Damascus-West Gouta), Manbej (Aleppo), outskirts of Al Bab (Aleppo), Herbal village near Mare' (Aleppo-in the northern countryside), ISIS HQ in al-Asadia village (Aleppo), Hendarat camp (Aleppo), al-Moshat bridge (Aleppo-in al-Sakhour neighborhood), al-Heidaria neighborhood (Aleppo),Sittah Ella Robo'u Street (Deir Ez Zor), Al Hweqa (Al Hawiqah? Deir Ez Zor), Al Tabaqa (Al Raqqa), Al Bayadah (Aleppo), Al sh’ar(Aleppo)
14.07.0014. No more "FSA" in Deir Ez Zor.
"Deir Ezzor Province: The Islamic State took control over all the areas which were under control of Al Nusra Front and the Islamic and rebel battalions in the city of Deir Ezzor after withdrawal of Al Nusra and the battalions from their sites and headquarters in the city."
14.07.2014. Syrian airstrikes on Al Harak (Daraa), Nawa (Daraa), Kafar Zita (Hama), Nabe Al Sakher (Quneitra), Majdoleyyi (Quneitra), Tareek Al Bab (Aleppo), neighborhood of Al Almaji (Old Aleppo), Khan Al Shih (Damascus), farmlands of Alya (near Douma), Zamalka, El'ab farmlands (near Douma), areas around Deir Ez Zor military airport, al-Fardos neighborhood (Aleppo), Tal Rifat (Aleppo), Dayr Hafir (Aleppo), al-Zakah (village in the northern countryside of Hama), Kabasi and Dahesh (in the eastern countryside of Hama), Harbul (village near Mare' - Aleppo), Jeroud Arsal and Raas al-Ma'ara (Qalamoun), Al Siyasiyeh bridge area (Deir Ez Zor)
13.07.2014. Iraq airstrike on Riyadh (Kirkuk)
13.07.2014. Syrian airstrikes on Ayn Daqnah (Aleppo), Dayr Hafir (Aleppo), Hreitan (Haritan?-Aleppo), Al-Sha'ar neighborhood (Aleppo), Al Masasneh (Hama), Daraya (Damascus), eastern mount of Zabadani (Damascus), Ayn Al Zeker (Daraa), outskirts of Al Harra town (Daraa)
12.07.2014. Iraq sends 4,000 volunteers to Ramadi. -
"On July 8, the Saudi daily Akkaz confirmed in a report that the foreign-backed militants have received the second batch of US-made anti-tank missiles.
The Takfiri militants have reportedly received TOW anti-tank rockets in the strategic Qalamoun region." -
12.07.2014. Israel and Gaza continue their campaigns.
12.07.2014. Syrian airstrikes on Jobar (Damascus), Hanano (Aleppo), Nawa (Daraa), Al Maliha (Damascus), Talmenes (Idlib)
12.07.2014. "Electronic Syria Army" group claim proof that the "FSA" has been supplied from Jordan'a port Aquaba by KSA
12.07.2014. Raqqa province: ISIS targeted the 17th division with mortars, after Surian airstrike on areas in al-Raqqah city
11.07.2014. Syrian airstrikes on Saida (Daraa), Adra (Damascus), Douma (Damascus), Al-Meleha (Damascus), Khan Al-Shekh (Damascus), Al-Sakhour (Aleppo), Jisr al-Shoghor (Idlib)
11.07.2014. Rockets from Gaza hits Tel Aviv (Israel) -
11.07.2014. Kirkuk and Bay Hassan Oil Fields confirmed taken by Kurds. -
11.07.2014. "IS" shows on their map that SAA is in control of the Palmyra - Deir Ez Zor road.
10.07.2014. Kurdish official Nawaf Khalil said members of ISIS are trying to capture an area near the Turkish border that would link it with their positions in eastern Syria. He and other activists said the fighting is concentrated in the region of Kobani, also known as Ayn Arab. Mustafa Osso, a Turkey-based Kurdish activist who has wide contacts in northern Syria, says the aim of the offensive is to take the entire Kobani area. -
10.07.2014. Gaza rockets target Jerusalem -
10.07.2014. "IS" (ex "ISIS") confirmed in Iraq: Hawija, Manzala, Multaka and Riyadh -
10.07.2014. Iraq Airstrike on Hamam Al Alil (South of Mosul), Dhuluiyah (North West of Balad) -
10.07.2014. Gaza rockets target Eshkol, Merhavim, Netivot, Beersheba, Mitzpe, and Sha’ar HaNegev -
10.07.2014. Izrael airstrikes on Gaza -
10.07.2014. Syrian airstrikes on Al Maliha (Damascus), Al Malah area east of Hraytan city (Aleppo), Tal Rifaat (Aleppo), Mare (Aleppo), Kafr Zita (Hama), Former 46 Regiment Base (Aleppo), Kafrooma (Idlib - unable to locate), Almayser District (Aleppo), Bosra Asham (Daraa), Al Quaim (Iraq)
10.07.2014. Rockets from Gaza hits Nuclear Reactor near Dimona (Israel)
09.07.2014. Syrian Airstrikes on Al-Maliha north farmlands (Damascus), Ar Raqqah, Saham Al-Jawlan (Daraa), Inkhill (Daraa), Al Yadudeh (Daraa), Ma'adan (Ar Raqqah), Adra (Damascus), Jobar (Damascus)
09.07.2014. Israel Airstrikes on Int. Airport in Rafah (Gaza) -
09.07.2014. Gaza rocket strikes on Jerusalem, Be'er Sheva and Tel Aviv -
09.07.2014. Between 100-200 rockets fired from Gaza on southern Israel 07.07. - 08.07.2014. Israel defence overrun.
08.07.2014. Syrian Airstrikes on Inkhill (Daraa), Tareeq Al Bab (Aleppo), Rankus farmlands (Damascus), Muzayrib (Daraa), Kafrooma (Idlib - unable to locate), Al Mayadin (Deir Ez Zor),
08.07.2014. Israel Airstrikes on Gaza (Khan Yunis), 40,000 reservists mobilized -
07.07.2014. Syrian Airstrikes on Jobar (Damascus), Inkhill (Daraa), Nawa (Daraa), Kafrooma (Idlib - unable to locate), Jubata Al Khashab (Al Qunaytirah), Ufaniya (Al Qunaytirah), Qadi Askar (Aleppo), Hazano (Idlib), Eastern Ghariyyat (Daraa), Tafas (Daraa), Tall Rifat (Aleppo)
06.07.2014. “The Air Force bombarded the shelters of the ISIL terrorists in Tikrit, Beiji, Shurqat and Hawija to kill many of them.” -
06.07.2014. Iraq airstrike near Baiji refinery -
06.07.2014. The Elite Forces bombarded the ISIL terrorists in Hayakil area in Fallujah -
06.07.2014. The Iraqi Air Force bombarded an ISIL parade in Tala’afar (Tal Afar?) -
06.07.2014. Syrian Airstrikes on Nawa (Daraa), Dael (Daraa), Tareeq Al Bab district (Aleppo), Handarat (Aleppo), Ein el-Tal (Aleppo), Tal Rifaat (Aleppo), Al-Taman'ah (Idlib), Inkhill (Daraa), Darat Azzah (Aleppo), Beit Jin (Damascus), Al Yadudah (Daraa), Jobar (Damascus), Alhullak (Aleppo - Unable to locate), Atteebeh (El Taebah?), Al Muhassan (Deir Ez Zor), Kaheel (Daraa)
05.07.2014. Iraq Airstrikes in Baiji refinery area, Hawija (Kirkuk), Mosul, Babylon
05.07.2014. ISIL militants blow up key bridge in Iraq (Between Ramada and Baghdad) -
05.07.2014 Syrian Airstrikes on Dael (Daraa), Inkhill (Daraa), Ain Assoda (Idlib - Ayn al-Suda?), Almaadi (Aleppo - Al Ma'adi?)
04.07.2014. Syrian Airstrikes on Tall Rifa'at (Aleppo), Maree (Aleppo), Dael (Daraa), Jasim (Daraa), Mt. Al Qalamoon (10+ strikes on the mountin range), Al Yadudah (Daraa), Sarmin (Idlib), Al-Busaliyya (Idlib)
03.07.2014. Iraq - Jurf al-Sakhar district of northern Babel contested. -
03.07.2014. Iraq Airstrikes on Shurqat Mayoralty building in Salah il-Din province (Al-Shirqat, Salah Al-Din?).
03.07.2014. ISIS capture Mayadin (Deir Ez Zor).
03.06.2014. ISIS capture al-Omar Oil Field (Deir Ez Zor) from JN.
03.07.2014. Syrian Airstrikes on Inkhill (Daraa), Saham Al Jawlan (Daraa), Al Maliha (Damascus), Sheikh Najjar (Aleppo), Eastern Al Karak (Daraa), Al Lajat (Daraa), Ma'arrat Misrin (Idlib), Hunaydah (Ar Raqqah), Bleen (Idlib), Maadan (Hama), Bait Jin (Damascus), Kafr Zeeta (Hama), Slouk (Ar Raqqah)
02.07.2014. Syrian Airstrikes on Nahteh (Daraa), Al-Tayyibah (Daraa), Ma'arat Misrin (Idlib), Al Busayrah (Deir Ez Zor), Buser Al Harir (Daraa), Ma'rabah (Daraa), Adra Albalad (Damascus), Adra Alommaliyyeh (Damascus), Azzibdiyyeh (Aleppo)
01.07.2014. Syrian Airstrikes on Ar Raqqah, Daraa Al Balad (Daraa), Nawa (Daraa), Douma (Damascus), Salqeen (Idlib), Al Maliha (Damascus), Inkhill (Daraa), Buser Al Harir (Daraa), Khan Al Sheeh (Damascus), Sarjah (Idlib), Urem Al Kubra (Aleppo), Darat Azzah (Aleppo), Alkisra (Deir Ez Zor), Al Bukamal (Deir Ez Zor)
30.06.2014. Iraq Airstrikes on Injana (Diyala)
30.06.2014. Syrian Airstrikes on Kafr Batna (Damascus), Sheykh Miskin (Daraa), Khan Al Sheeh (Damascus), Al Busayrah (Deir Ez Zor), Inkhill (Daraa), Al Quriyah (Deir Ez Zor), Jadeed Ekedad (Deir Ez Zor), Darayya (Damascus),
29.06.2014. Syrian Airstrikes on Maaree (Aleppo), Inkhill (Daraa), Misraba (Damascus), Busr Alhareer (Daraa), Ar Raqqah, Kafr Batna (Damascus), Al Maliha (Damascus), Albaseera (Deir Ez Zor), Al Yadudah (Daraa), Nawa (Daraa)
29.06.2014. Iraq Army attack Tikrit.
28.06.2014 Al-Bukamal contested
28.06.2014. Iraq Airstrike al-Jalam (Samarra) , Baiji , Mosul
28.06.2014. Syrian Airstrikes on Jobar (Damascus), Al Haydariyeh (Aleppo), Nawa (Daraa), Al Balad (Daraa), Saraqib (Idlib), Al Bogeleyyah (Deir Ez Zor), Inkhill (Daraa), Ma'adan (Ar Raqqah), Al Busayrah (Deir Ez Zor), Al Mazloom (Deir Ez Zor), Darraya (Damascus), Tariq Assud (Daraa - Tariq al-Sadd?),
27.06.2014. Israel Airstrike in Gaza
27.06.2014. Syrian Airstrikes on Ashaar (Aleppo), Hanano (Aleppo), Khan Al Sheeh (Damascus), Salqeen (Idlib), Tal Aljumoo (Daraa), Inkhel (Daraa), Al-Balad (Daraa), Binnesh (Idlib), Kafrooma (Idlib), Azzwar (Hama), Jobar (Damascus), Hantooteen (Idlib), Tareeq Assud (Daraa)
26.06.2014. Iraq Airstrikes on Tikrit
26.06.2014. Syrian Airstrikes on Jisreen (Damascus), Karm Aljabal (Aleppo), Tarik Al-Sadd (Daraa), Tell Mutawwaq (Inkhill), Tell al-Jabiyah (Nawa), Ar Raqqah, Jobar (Damascus), Hayyan (Aleppo), Ain Terma (Damascus), Inkhill (Daraa), Jabal al-Akrad (Latakia), Al-Karak (Daraa), Al-Zabadani (Damascus)
25.06.2014. Al Bukamal pledges allegiance to ISIS.
25.06.2014. Syrian Airstrikes on: Inkhill (Daraa), Nawa (Daraa), Tareeq Albab (Aleppo), Maaree (Aleppo), Bait Jinn (Damascus),Albraij area and Sakhur district (Aleppo), Jobar (Damascus)
24.06.2014. Iraq Airstrike on northern Balad district
24.06.2014. Iraq Airstrike on Baiji
24.06.2014. SAF Airstrike on Al-Qa'im
23.06.2014. Israel Air Force Strikes on Syria
23.06.2014. Iraq retakes Al-Walid and Karameh border crossings
22.06.2014. ISIS takes Karameh
22.06.2014. ISIS takes Al Walid
22.06.2014. ISIS takes Rutbah
21.06.2014. ISIS takes Al-Qa'im
11.06.2014. ISIS takes Muhannah Chemical Warfare Facility -
10.06.2014. ISIS takes Mosul

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