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Gaming Keyboards

Saitek Cyborg (V.7 Keyboard)



Witness the true power of Cyborg and take your gaming to the next level with the Cyborg Keyboard range. When performance is key, customization is vital, and losing is not an option, only Cyborg brings the power you crave.


    Built for 21st century gaming, the V.7 embodies the true essence of the Cyborg range.

    Multi-color Backlighting – Tru-Vu™ illuminations allow you to set the mood and illuminate your world, mixing shades from Red through Amber to Green.

    Touch-sensitive, backlit dashboard Control Panel – Configure your lighting, media and volume controls with the brush of a finger.

    WASD, cursor, ‘Cyborg’ and NumPad keys can be lit independently from the rest of the keyboard to highlight commonly used gaming keys – Set each area to your

       preferred color or brightness to make the keyboard battle ready.

    Cyborg Mode – Instantly disable the Windows® keys and change the color and brightness of your gaming keys at the touch of a button.

    Set and forget – Persistent key illumination settings ensure your color combinations remain intact, even after a system reboot.


V.7 Keyboard features


    12 programmable ‘Cyborg’ keys – Store your favorite macros for buying equipment, activating abilities or just for initiating your favorite trash talk.

    Powerful ST Programming Software – Create profiles for each game that you play in order to save different button configurations.

    Hard wearing, metal-plated key caps in key gaming areas are designed to withstand the punishment that pro gamers demand.

    Pass-through USB, audio and microphone sockets means no more crawling behind your PC to change your USB device or audio configuration.

    Enhanced multiple key presses in gaming areas for complex in-game commands.

    Adjustable wrist rest and keyboard rake angle (front and back).

    Gold-plated connectors for USB and audio.


System Requirements: Connectivity: USB 2.0








With its ability to adapt for any game through removeable keysets the SteelSeries Zboard is a completely unique gaming keyboard. The “anti-ghosting” feature allows for 7 simultaneous keystrokes opposed to the standard 2-4 on other keyboards. The entire keyboard can be fully customized through the use of the included SteelSeries Z Engine software, enabling macros to be dragged and dropped onto specific keys by use of the program. The SteelSeries Zboard is equipped with 2 USB ports and includes a standard keyset for everyday use plus a specially developed gaming keyset.




- Z Engine allows full customization of each key

- Pre-defined profiles for more than 150 games

- Anti-ghosting capability: Up to 7 simultaneous keystrokes

- Internal hub with 2 USB ports

- Interchangeable Keysets






SteelSeries Merc



The SteelSeries Merc Stealth features 34 dedicated gaming terrain keys, providing gamers with the ability to adjust their macros and settings to walk, jump, crouch

 and move. This feature is crucial when playing fast-paced FPS games that demand a high-level of actions per minute.


The terrain keys are tilted at an 11 degree angle of in order to provide the perfect ergonomic hand positioning while gaming. The ability to rest your palm while

 keeping your fingers mobile for swift movement to reach keys, keeps you comfortable and quick.


The SteelSeries Merc Stealth features 3 different color illumination options – blue, red and purple. These colors can each be set to 4 different levels of illumination

 including subtle, ambient, intense and off.


The SteelSeries Z-Engine enables you to program every key on the Merc Stealth. No more difficult external scripting or in-game setups. Simply set all macros directly

 onto the keyboard via the Z-Engine software.


SteelSeries Z-Engine software provides an easy, drag-and-drop macro menu. We agree, nerds are actually cool, but we’re not all fluent in IT, so simplifying macros

 get you back to you game faster and with better understanding of what you just did to your keyboard.


Easy access to general keys like multimedia and navigation provides gamer with fa ast and simple way to access some of

 the most common keys.


The movement keys on the SteelSeries Merc Stealth are the most used keys and therefore have been rubberized so that

 users can maintain maximum control even when your hands are getting sweaty after long sessions.


Two USB 2.0 ports alongside a microphone and headset jacksprovides a better connection, resulting in a faster response

 time from your keyboard and the connected devices to your computer.




Logitech G19 Keyboard


Tiltable, color GamePanel™ LCD - The (320x240) display shows you what you need to know - in and out-of-game including game stats, system info, VOIP communication data, video playback, image slideshows, and more.


Custom-color backlighting - You can personalize the character backlighting to better fit with the rest of your computer and gaming equipment, and easily locate

                                            keys—even in the dark.


12 fully-programmable G-keys - Three macros per key let you configure up to 36 unique functions per game, including single keypresses or complex macros.

                                                  You can also create macros on the fly


Two high-speed USB 2.0 ports - The powered USB ports let you transfer data to and from peripherals - like MP3 players and flash drives - while also charging

                                                   battery-powered devices.


Multi-key input - You can use at least five keys at once to perform multiple complex actions.


Game/desktop mode - No accidental interruptions - you can disable the Windows/Context Menu keys when you play.


Intelligent cable management - You can keep mouse, headset, and other cords out of the way by routing them through channels on the underside of the keyboard.


Instant media access - Convenient one-touch controls give you instant access to volume control and media playback.


Public software development kit (SDK) - You can upload the latest enhancements developed exclusively for GamePanel™

                                                                by the Logitech open-source community.


Onboard memory - It saves your profiles so you can take your personal preferences with you.

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