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Zalman ZM-RS6F+M


Real Surround Sound Headphones Theatre 6 (ZM-RS6F):

Real Surround Sound Headphones produce a real surround field comparable to a complete multi-channel speaker system and thus enhances directional, spatial, and realistic effects.

Enhanced spatial and realistic effects by separating front, rear, and center speakers.

Easy setup of real surround-sound by connecting the front, rear, center jacks to the 5 channel (or more) sound card in your PC equipped with a DVD-ROM for games or DVD movies.

Real Surround Sound field comparable to a complete multi-channel speaker system.

Excellent fidelity, enhanced localization of on-screen sound, clear dialogue and discrete sound audibility.


Headphone Mic ZM-MIC 1:  

High Sensitivity Headphone Mic

3 Mini Clips for Tidy Arrangement

Attractive & Compact Design



Unit Type Electro Dynamic Round Type Micro Speaker

Frequency Response 50Hz ~ 20KHz

Sound Pressure Level 89 dB ± 3 dB at 50mW

Impedance 16 Ohm at 1KHz

Nominal Power 0.02W

Maximum Power 0.15W

Weight 11.24oz (316.8g) without packaging

Cord Straight, Triple entry 9.8ft (300cm)

Plug 3 headphone jacks (¢3.5mm)


Sensitivity -40 ± 3dB

Impedance Max. 2.2

Standard power supply 2.0 V DC

Current consumption Max. 0.5 mA

Sensitivity reduction Within-3dB at 1.5V

S/N More than 58dB

Directivity Omnidirectional




Logitech Wireless Headset F540


Don’t wake the house. Instead play your PS3™ and Xbox 360® games as late as you like—without disturbing others—and get stereo game audio and in-game voice chat from a single headset.


Hear every friend, every foe and every effect.


You get detailed stereo sound for game audio plus voice chat for your PS3™ and Xbox 360® through one headset.


Recharge using the universal micro-USB cable—even while you’re still playing.


With up to 10 hours of battery life**, this headset can get you through the most epic gaming sessions.


The microphone reduces annoying background noise for clear, intelligible voice commands.


Works with audio sources with 3.5 mm or RCA audio out.





Plantronics GameCom 777


Experience games and movies the way they were meant to be heard in virtual 7.1 Dolby® surround sound with this open-eared gaming headset.


    Dolby® Headphone technology delivers a 7-channel audio experience.

    The USB sound card with Dolby Headphone is the only way to get the 7.1 experience.

    Open-ear design keeps you connected to the game and your surroundings.

    Concealed microphone boom stays hidden until you’re ready to use it.

    Specially designed ear pods redistribute pressure for maximum comfort.

    In-line volume and microphone-mute controls allow for easy audio adjustment.

    Noise-canceling microphone lets you communicate clearly.

    Rugged, military-grade design and extra-strength cables make your hardware hardcore.

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