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Call Of Duty: Ghosts - Equipment


IED Canister Bomb Frag-Grenade C4 Semtex Throwing Knive



Remote controlled C4 that sticks to any surface.



Improvised proximity explosive that sticks to the environment. It arms itself shortly after being deployed.

Canister Bomb


Chemical bomb that needs to be primed before being released.

Frag Grenade


A standard Frag Grenade that produces a lethal blast radius upon detonation. Frags can be cooked to shorten the fuse time.



Sticks to any surface. They can't be cooked since they are timed explosives.

Throwing Knive


Takes out an enemy with one hit, but it must be picked up to be used again.


Smoke Concussion Motion Sensor 9-Bang Thermobaric Trophy System

Smoke Grenade


Creates a temporary smoke screen that obscures sight and blocks both teams automated targeting systems.

Motion Sensor


Tracks and tags enemies that move near it.

Thermobaric Grenade


Fuel-air grenade that creates a low damage blast radius and weakens armor.

Concussion Grenade


Temporarily slows down and disorients enemies.

9 - Bang Grenade


A flashbang that gets stronger the longer you cook it. A fully cooked 9-bang also creates a small EMP effect that stuns enemy electronics.

Trophy System


Deployable defense turret that can destroy a maximum of 2 enemy projectiles.

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